Curriculum & Format

The English-language program begins annually in October and can be completed within four semesters. In semesters 1 to 3, lectures are held every two weeks on Fridays (1 pm to 8 pm) and Saturdays (9 am to 5 pm) over approx. 10 weekends, including module examinations. For the preparation of the final master thesis (20 weeks) in the 4th semester, no regular presence on the campus is required.

The modular curriculum offers a variety of focus options: After having completed general courses in a foundation phase, you can put together your subject combination individually in the specialization phase as well as choose a thematic focus of your master thesis in accordance with your professional and personal interests.

General Courses


Ethics in BusinessBased on focused case studies and current examples taken directly from corporate practice and presented by guest speakers, students learn to apply the foundations of management and leadership in the context of digital transformation.

  • Ethics in Business
  • Strategic Management & Organizational Change
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Corporate Finance
  • Managerial Accounting & Controlling
  • Digital Leadership
  • Digital Marketing

Specialization Courses

Depending on your professional and personal preferences, you choose four modules from a broad range of courses. Expand your prospects and discover how to set up companies of the future. 

Courses on offer can vary from year to year. This ensures that current topics are always included.

  • Digital Process Management
  • Digital Business Models & Architectures
  • Digitalization in Finance
  • Data Science & Business Analytics
  • Digital Innovation & Incubation
  • Smart Industry & Digital Trends
  • Data Security & Compliance
  • d.quarks as a Framework & Method of Transformation
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Agile Project and Performance Management
  • Design Sprint
  • Scientific Methods of Research Writing

Master Thesis

The final master thesis project is intended to apply the knowledge gained in the program: Students address a real-world challenge from their own experience or company. In a preparatory course, students learn the necessary scientific methods and narrow down their thesis topic.

Personal Development & Skills Workshops

By participating in a series of workshops integrated throughout the curriculum, students will have the opportunity to maximize their personal potential, develop leadership skills, and explore practical applications of the newest technologies and trends through hands-on sessions with industry experts. Theses workshops are designed to develop the skills you need to make an impact on your career.

Friday Talks

Networking is an integral part of our MBA experience at Goethe Business School. We regularly invite prominent guest speakers from various backgrounds to talk about current topics in digital transformation. While chatting with the experts in an intimate setting, students and alumni gain unique insights into how these experts are dealing with digital transformation and are making change happen.


The master’s program was developed for prospective managers. It is for those with both a strong interest in the challenges of the approaching digital transformation as well as the creative power to shape the future through reasonable evaluation of existing systems. The required fundamental academic expertise, the leadership tools and the hands-on knowledge that the program provides will enable professionals to master the approaching challenges of the digital world.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang KönigExecutive Director of the House of Finance, E-Finance Lab and Chair of Business Administration, esp. Information Systems, Goethe University Frankfurt

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