Master in Finance


Deadline Discount Tuition
October 1, 2024 3,000 € 20,500 €
December 3, 2024 1,500 € 22,000 €
January 21, 2025 - 23,500 €

Tuition fees include a non-refundable admissions fee of 1,000 €. Additional costs include the respective semester fees for the program duration, to be settled with Goethe University.


Working full-time, raising a family, and doing a part-time MBA program is not only a big responsibility but also a huge financial obligation. Since I could not secure any financial loan, receiving the GBS Thought Leader Scholarship was of great help in reducing my financial burden. More importantly, it did not only serve as a financial support but also gave me the motivation and boost my confidence to pursue my dream.

Erick MartalGBS Thought Leader Scholarship

There are numerous portals listing various scholarship opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds, such as the "Stipendien-Tipps". In addition, we have put together some tips from our Recruiting & Admissions team below on how to manage the cost of studies.

If your gross income exceeds the tax-free allowance, you can declare the full amount of your tuition fees as income-related expenses in your tax return. This reduces your taxable income and potentially gives you a considerable tax refund. Of course, this only applies to all expenses that are not reimbursed by your employer.

You can deduct the following costs from your tax bill:

  • Tuition fees (paid to GBS)
  • Semester fees (paid to Goethe University)
  • Travel expenses for attending on-campus lectures
  • Accommodation/hotel costs and meal allowances
  • Specialized literature and textbooks
  • Work and teaching materials such as computers, printers, or software
  • Office and writing materials
  • Interest paid as part of the repayment of a student loan
  • Home office
  • Costs for double housekeeping, relocation or transportation
  • Telephone and internet charges

*Disclaimer: The information on our website is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. We expressly recommend an individual consultation with a tax advisor who will address your personal situation. We assume no liability or guarantee for the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information provided.

Brain Capital offers financing opportunities to motivated and qualified GBS students, independent of their financial status. Brain Capital arranges a flexible inter-generation financing contract, i.e. repayment is income-dependent, the max. repayment is capped and conditions remain constant over the contract period. Applicants or students interested in a consultation with Brain Capital should contact to be connected with our Brain Capital Key Account Manager!

Explore your study funds financing options and see which one might be the best for your needs:

  • Festo Bildungsfonds offers attractive student loan programs, and
  • the state-owned KfW-Bank also provides financing opportunities to anyone under the age of 44.
  • Deutsche Bildung offers income-dependent repayment plans, allowing you to study without the burden of loan repayment holding you back.

A good idea is to approach your employer and discuss options for support. This may be financial or take other forms such as time support or mentoring. As a business school, we understand the value further studies can have on your career development and want to help you communicate your choice to your employer. Look at our Value Proposition Sheet for tips you can discuss when you approach your company to help them understand the benefits of supporting your choice.


At GBS we are dedicated to doing our part in fostering a diverse business culture, paving the path to a successful career for talents across industries, and establishing a strong network of professionals who make a difference. With this in mind, we offer scholarships to financially support students of GBS master programs.

Please complete the required applications by our deadline if you would like to be considered for GBS Scholarships. If you have questions or want more information, please contact our Recruiting & Admissions Team via

Candidates interested in a scholarship and meeting the respective requirements will be invited to an online workshop. In this workshop, we will provide tips on how to prepare a successful scholarship application.

The GBS Diversity in Business Scholarship aims to support talented, dedicated students who are proactive about bettering the position of diverse people within their chosen industries and who have a proven record of ideas, initiatives, and success related to their biographical background and professional work experience.

Learn more about how to apply for a Diversity in Business Scholarship in the Key Fact Sheet.

The GBS FinTech Scholarship is intended for self-funded candidates wishing to enroll in the Financial Technology Management track of the Master in Finance program. The scholarship will be not only granted for potential career perspectives but also for the candidate’s interest in acquiring profound knowledge to leverage and influence rapid change in financial technology.

Learn more about how to apply for this scholarship in the GBS FinTech Scholarship Key Fact Sheet.

Candidates with an exceptional profile wishing to enroll in the Risk Management & Regulation specialization of the Master in Finance program may apply for a scholarship provided by the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM).

FIRM is managed by the Society for Risk Management and Regulation e. V. and promotes high-quality research and teaching in the fields of risk management and regulation in Frankfurt. FIRM Scholarships may award up to 25% of the tuition. In addition, FIRM alumni join the FIRM alumni network, not only enabling them to get connected but also offering access to benefits such as invitations to special events such as the annual FIRM Research Conference and alumni meetings.

Find more information on how to apply for a FIRM Scholarship in the following key facts sheet.