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The Master in Finance at GBS is our longest running program, and attracts both local and international students with a variety of academic and professional focuses within the field of finance. We’re proud to offer access to a student body, which is diverse and multifaceted, ensuring an enriched study experience for anyone who chooses to join our community.

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After having graduated in Business Administration several years ago and after having worked about 6 years in finance, I realized how much the financial field is changing. Therefore, I was determined to refresh and to broaden my knowledge, not only for my personal development, but also to achieve a wide range of professional opportunities in the future. Consequently, my search for the best option to pursue my studies in the area of Frankfurt led me to the Master in Finance at Goethe Business School. Time has proven me right. I found an amazing group of students with a strong mix of cultures, open-mindedness and compassion. The program offers the perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and it turned out to be a great fit for me.

Daniel Paez MartinGroup Finance Specialist, Class of 2021