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The Master in Finance at GBS is our longest running program, and attracts both local and international students with a variety of academic and professional focuses within the field of finance. We’re proud to offer access to a student body, which is diverse and multifaceted, ensuring an enriched study experience for anyone who chooses to join our community.

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As a Latin American entrepreneur, wife, mother of three, and 2009 business administration graduate, I have been searching for the perfect program to refresh my financial literacy. The GBS Master in Finance program was the answer to my search. The program structure helped me to expand my knowledge of German economic culture and regulations, broadening my perspectives and understanding of opportunities in the European financial market. The acquired financial expertise has sharpened my decision mechanism on allocating time and capital and searching for personal, professional, and financial growth. The well-structured learning environment and outstanding infrastructure facilitate the process of exchange, mutual learning, and dialogue with faculty and peers. I am grateful for the opportunity and expertise of the GBS team!

Laís Carneiro WahlClass of 2024