Goethe Business School

Goethe Business School (GBS) is the exclusive educational platform for business executives and professionals at Goethe University. Founded in 2004 and situated at the heart of Europe’s financial center Frankfurt am Main, we offer a broad portfolio of part-time master programs and executive trainings at the interface of finance, digital transformation and pharma management.

Our learning approach is unique: a tailored education combining insights of leading academics, practical content as well as soft skills delivered at one of the most modern university campuses in Europe. All our programs are taught by renowned faculty with academic as well as practical experience and in collaboration with experts in different areas of expertise from a continuously growing network.

Master Programs

Our part-time master programs enhance the professional skills of participants and purposeful foster their personal development in the fields of finance as well as digital transformation and pharma management. The interdisciplinary approaches of our programs and the possibility to co-design an individual learning experience in the electives phase, enable an academically founded as well as practice-oriented advanced education – including a revised skillset which can be immediately implemented in daily work routines.

The Vietnam-based full-time master program prepares aspiring professionals for the probing challenges of today's financial markets and global economic environment. This unique program provides a thorough training in state-of-the-art methodology and an international exposure to topical best practices of finance professionals and economic policy decision-makers.

Executive Education

Our Executive Education programs offer a compact format and focus on a particular area of expertise at the interface of finance, digital transformation and pharma management. At GBS, we differentiate between two types of approaches: In close collaboration with the client, customized programs are tailored to the special requirements of larger institutional entities and in accordance with specific learning objectives. Open courses and certificate programs on specific subjects pre-selected by GBS are designed for a broader audience and can be booked individually.

Executive Education Asia

The Executive Education Asia Team successfully offers senior managers from the Asian, especially Chinese financial sector interdisciplinary educational training programs on management topics. Over the past years, Asian executives from the world’s largest banks have connected with European financial leaders and established a network of global finance experts.


Goethe University

Goethe University was founded in 1914 by and for citizens in Frankfurt. Named in 1932 after one of the city’s most famous natives, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, today the university has become the third largest university in Germany, with more than 45.000 students, 16 research departments and 650 professorships.

Campus Westend

Campus Westend is "Germany's most beautiful campus" and one of the five locations and headquarters of Goethe University Frankfurt, offering highly attractive and modern study conditions. If you are looking for a cutting-edge learning infrastructure with a distinctive international flair, then Goethe University’s centrally located campus is the right place for you. All GBS programs are delivered in the modern lecture halls on Campus Westend. Furthermore, multiple student cafeterias (Mensa), bistros and coffee bars can be found here in addition to the most important libraries with relevant business literature (campus map).


Faculty of Economics and Business

GBS is closely connected to Goethe University’s Faculty of Economics and Business (Fachbereich Wiwi), which counts among the most attractive business administration faculties in Germany – and among the largest with more than 40 professorships in seven main research areas. This is due not only to the successful link between theory and practice of the faculty’s activities, but also to its openness to a broad spectrum of theoretical, practical and sociopolitical topics.

As one of the first faculties in Germany, in 2005 the Faculty of Economics and Business was recognized with the seal of approval from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Since then, the Faculty has continuously demonstrated the highest standards in research and high-quality teaching within the degree programs, which also includes the GBS master programs.

House of Finance

In 2008 and immediately after its completion, GBS moved its headquarters to the House of Finance (HoF) on Campus Westend to complement to the open forum for exchange and cooperation between academia, politics and practice. Besides GBS, the House of Finance hosts various interdisciplinary research and other educational trainings activities in the area of finance and financial law, such as the renowned Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE. A group of 30 professors and a total of around 170 researchers work here – creating one of the largest research groups for financial and monetary themes in Europe.