Pharma MBA


House of Pharma & Healthcare

Founded in 2013 by Goethe University Frankfurt and the Hessian state government, the House of Pharma & Healthcare aims at sharpening the profile of the pharmaceutical and healthcare center Hesse and increasing its global visibility. To this end, the House of Pharma & Healthcare promotes cooperation between all players in the health and pharmaceutical industries in Germany and connects various interests along the pharmaceutical value chain to develop solutions to the challenges of the healthcare system. Accordingly, it integrates business, science and politics as well as patient organizations, doctors, pharmacists and health insurances.

The three cornerstones of the House of Pharma & Healthcare are:

  • Promotion of interdisciplinary, future-oriented and networked research
  • Education and training of highly qualified personnel
  • Offering an independent and neutral platform for discussing the challenges of the healthcare system

The Pharma MBA has a strong practical orientation due to the perfect mix of teaching experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries as well as academia. The highly dynamic courses address hot topics along the pharmaceutical value chain while at the same time providing industry-specific management insights. We initiated this innovative MBA program and have been committed to its success since 2016, because it fits perfectly into the portfolio of the House of Pharma & Healthcare’s goals: industry-specific and interdisciplinary networking around the three core areas of education, dialog and research.

Dr. Otto Quintus RusseManaging Director, House of Pharma & Healthcare