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Second annual christmas market offers events throughout December

The GBS Virtual Christmas Market kicked off on December 7 with a virtual networking lunch, as well as the presentation of this year’s Impact Award. Over lunch, students, alumni and candidates starting their studies in the spring joined us for a virtual networking session where they were partnered with someone new every 8 minutes, giving them the chance to make new contacts and chat with other members of the GBS community. In the afternoon, we recognized the commitment and efforts of three students chosen as the recipients of this year’s Impact Award: congratulations to Emily Patig (PTMF), Florian Ambrosius-Eichner (MDTM) and Mario Gomez (MPBA) for their engagement! Awarded by the alumni council to one current student of each program, the Impact Award recognized students who demonstrated a high level of dedication to supporting the growth of the GBS network, fostered a positive environment and impacted the study experience of those around them, and / or have created significant input towards the qualitative success of their program of study.

It has been eight weeks since the MBA class of 2023 has begun and we hit the ground running!

Clinical Research Associate at IQVIA Alohra Rodriguez shares her experience during her first months as Pharma MBA student at GBS. How was her start? How did she get to know with her peers? What is her impression of Campus Westend and the courses she has already taken?

The first days at orientation on Campus Westend were a fun way to network with peers and get to know classmates. The working groups were decided on day one which was just as well, because our first project working together was completed two weeks later. It is especially favorable to have the classes offered in English, because it allows for further cultural exchange. A member of my working group even flies in from Italy to attend lecture.

We have already familiarized ourselves with the campus, walking to the campus Café called Sturm und Drang, during every break, creating opportunities to share ideas on course work and familiarizing ourselves more personally with each other. It is exciting to be studying themes, which are directly related to my professional working experience, with colleagues who are working in the same industry and have similar academic backgrounds and attending lectures, held by established professors in relevant business fields and working professionals from big names in pharma.

Our courses of Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior are already coming to an end and I am most looking forward to Pharmaceutical Value Chain this coming year, as I believe it will provide broad overview of the pharmaceutical industry, which is of high personal interest to me. The suspense continues...

From a multinational professional services network to a German single family office

GBS Alumnus Nikolai Metzger graduated two years ago and is Manager Private Equity at THI Investments. We asked Nikolai about his journey after he graduated from the Master in Finance program and how he manages to keep in touch with his Alma Mater and the community.

What expectations did you have when you started at GBS? Where they met?

First of all, I have to admit that finance topics such as Corporate Valuation, Portfolio Theory or Asset Allocation have always inspired me. That is why I decided to continue my academic education in this field and started the Master in Finance program at GBS. I chose GBS because of its first-class reputation, the excellent infrastructure provided by the House of Finance and the part-time program format. I also found it very appealing that the program is entirely designed and taught in English and that I was able to broaden my horizons, especially through networking with my diverse fellow students from a wide range of industry backgrounds.

I have to say, though, that it was definitely a challenging study journey; not only because of the academic demands, but also because of the travel loads between Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

What has changed after you graduated from GBS?

I have spent the first years of my career working in the Consulting industry at KPMG and FAS. Since 2021 I am with THI, a German single family office located in Stuttgart and London. THI manages a diverse portfolio across Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Capital Markets.  Compared to my time in Consulting, my work is now characterized by more responsibility that is direct, creative freedom and more long-term performance expectations. Working in the investment industry enables me to continue applying the academic and methodical knowledge I’ve gained at GBS.

What do you do now?

At THI, we invest into European middle market companies with great management and sustainable long-term growth prospects. In the Strategy and Business Development team, we focus on value creation in the portfolio companies. This includes topics such as internationalization, customer centricity, digital transformation, add-on deals or organizational development. 

How well do you keep in touch with the GBS Community?

For me, GBS is characterized by its dynamic set-up and unique people. I therefore appreciate every opportunity to stay in touch with the GBS network. Be it through events, workshops or just chatting via e-mails, phone calls or other platforms.

Finally, can you tell us how you came up with connecting your work with Goethe Business School?

One of THI’s portfolio companies is Oxford International, a private Higher Education company supported by a talented and innovative team committed to creating life-enhancing experiences for students worldwide. Within the Oxford International Digital Institute, the company has developed the English Language Level Test (ELLT), a digital product, which is accepted as proof of English capability for admissions at various universities. The demand for a secure and robust online English Language test stretches far beyond the issues surrounding COVID. This innovative product has been perceived as one of the best in the current market due to increased student conversion rates and the advanced, AI enabled security measures. As part as of our internationalization project, I was very delighted to connect Oxford International with my Alma Master GBS, which led to the inclusion of ELLT in the English assessment portfolio.

Applicants preparing to take an English level test for admissions to a master program offered by GBS can now also opt for the English Language Level Test (ELLT). For more information on proof of English language proficiency visit the admissions section of the respective Master program page: Master in Finance, Master of Digital Transformation Management (MBA) and Master of Pharma Business Administration (MBA).

At Frankfurt Airport with fwwg

Exclusive Tour of Frankfurt Airport for the winners of the Fraport-Förderpreis by Frederik Gruissem

Even though commercial air traffic changed from being a luxury to a mass product, airports and being able to fly still remain a fascination of the human progress. Board Member of Fraport Michael Müller held a presentation on the beginnings of flying to today’s obstacles during this pandemic. Müller gave an enticing historical outline of the long and eventful development of Frankfurt Airport, highlighted with impressive pictures and interesting figures. Afterwards, the group had the chance to view the airport ramp from the visitors’ terrace whilst enjoying a nice beverage with sunshine. A construction manager at Fraport presented a few of Fraport’s current projects, including; the progress on the constructions of Terminal 3 and the renovations in Terminal 1. He explained how they are currently replacing the asphalt surface of the airstrips in sections at night during ongoing operations.

Another highlight of the Fraport tour was a visit to the newly opened visitor center. The offered activities are highly interactive. Visitors are able to participate in simulation activities such as directing an airplane as a flight controller, or slipping into the role of an actual suitcase and take a rollercoaster ride through the luggage transport by using virtual reality glasses. The visitor center also offers the possibility to track the global and local flight movements of the last few days on a huge wall. The evening ended with a delightful dinner. The fwwg and its award winners would like to thank Fraport for this year’s impressive tour of Frankfurt Airport.

GBS is closely connected to Goethe University’s Faculty of Economics and Business (Fachbereich Wiwi), which counts among the most attractive business administration faculties in Germany. The fwwg - Frankfurter Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft offers an international network of alumni and students of this department with over 1,500 members at all levels of business and academia. GBS students and alumni also have the possibility to join this network!


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