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More Than a Network – A Community!


Since its founding in 2004, over 800 professionals have earned a master's degree from GBS - a community that we are proud of!

A strong network thrives on engagement from its members – both current students and alumni. This is why it is important to us to offer a variety of opportunities to stay engaged with GBS long after graduation, and create a community dedicated to supporting the ongoing development of both its members and GBS as an institution. We offer our alumni access to lifelong learning opportunities, a global directory to stay in touch with other members around the world, participation in exclusive events, and a host of other benefits.

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Dr. Anja Weigt

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Celebrating 15 years of GBS

In 2019, we celebrated 15 years of GBS! Our community has grown and developed a lot in this time. GBS alumni, family and friends, faculty and supporters joined us in celebrating all that our community has achieved at a Homecoming event on Campus Westend. Enjoy this video of the celebrations, and join us as we continue to grow for many years to come!


Upon graduation many students are pulled away from GBS as life leads you in different directions. The relationships made during your time at GBS supported you during your studies, and, if you allow, will continue to do so long into the future. I keep in touch with many of my classmates and visit campus frequently, allowing for the sharing of thoughts with current students, alumni and faculty. These relationships, if nurtured, can and will develop into long lasting friendships. As an alumni of GBS we share the responsibility in building the community we want to be a part of. I look forward to working on this together with my fellow alumni.

Andrew LucasFull-Time MBA Class of 2012

GBS Alumni Directory – Stay connected


Never lose touch with your classmates, or find new connections within the GBS network by searching according to a range of criteria. The GBS Alumni Directory lists graduates from all GBS degree programs, and allows alumni to tailor their profile and make sure their information is up-to-date. Graduates from the following programs can request access to our directory:

  • Duke Goethe Executive MBA/Goethe Executive MBA in Alliance with Duke (EMBA)
  • Executive Master of Finance & Accounting (EMFA)
  • Goethe Full-Time MBA (FTMBA)
  • Master in Finance (PTMF)
  • Master of Pharma Business Administration (MPBA)
  • Master of Digital Transformation Management (MDTM)

As a member of our alumni community, you have access to various options to continue learning with us. We offer alumni special rates for attending executive education programs, as well as the opportunity to join current cohorts for selected courses or hands-on skills workshops not otherwise open to the public. Refresh your knowledge or learn something entirely new with our continuously expanding course offerings!


Learning together builds relationships and especially in executive education, the network you‘re building is part of your educational experience. I can only confirm that learning from each other is just as important as the classes you attend – the mix of generations, industries and experiences is always enriching. Not only are other careers greatly inspiring, but also the people you‘ll meet! You will broaden your network and are likely to make long lasting friendships, too. We as GBS Alumni Council want to connect all alumni across programs and classes giving opportunities for lifelong learning and knowledge exchange. I am very happy to be part of this journey.

Maraja FistanicDigital Transformation MBA Class of 2019

Looking to support the GBS Community and give back to your Alma Mater? Or just wanting to attend a social event in your area? You can support GBS by becoming an Alumni Ambassador and support candidates who are on the path to joining a GBS master program. Or browse upcoming GBS events such as Friday Talks, guest lectures, or networking events. GBS also has a sailing team who is always open to new members. If you have your own idea or would like to open an alumni chapter in your area, we’re happy to support you! Log in to our alumni portal to find out more about launching your own alumni initiative.

Affiliated Networks - Extended networking opportunities

GBS Alumni Chapters

Initiate an alumni chapter in your area. GBS alumni chapters can be organized both by location and affinity interest and are a great way to stay connected with GBS, to see old classmates, and to meet new friends. Contact the GBS Alumni Relations team for support under alumni[at]

Contact members of the GBS Central-Southern Germany Alumni Chapter for lessons learned and what to consider when initiating a new chapter. 

Goethe University Alumni Associations

Duke Alumni Association

Graduates of the Goethe Executive MBA program also have access to the alumni network of Duke University.

Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management & Regulation (FIRM)

Graduates of the Master in Finance Specialization in "Risk Management" have the opportunity to join the alumni network of the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM).


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