Program Tuition Fee (per Semester) - Intake 2023

Vietnamese Students International Students
VND 42,040,000 VND 63,060,000

The tuition fee covers all costs for enrolment and participation in program courses during one semester.

The tuition fee does not cover any non-academic fees, such as living and travel/transportation costs (there are separate fees for those choosing to live in VGU dormitories or taking advantage of the VGU bus service between Ho Chi Minh City and the campus) as well as health insurance costs.

For further terms and conditions, please consult the VGU Information on Tuition Fees for Master Programs.

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Vietnamese Students
International Students
Payment due
VND 42,040,000 VND 63,060,000 September 2023
VND 42,040,000 VND 63,060,000 February, 2024
VND 42,040,000 VND 63,060,000 September, 2024
VND 42,040,000 VND 63,060,000 February, 2025

Program tuition fees are payable in four installments. For current tuition and service fee deadlines, please see the VGU Academic Calendar.


Students applying for the M.Sc. in Global Finance and Economics are eligible to apply for a number of scholarships and financing opportunities.

The Vietnamese-German University awards generous scholarships to students of the first intake in the M.Sc. in Global Finance and Economics in 2023:

  • 5 x scholarships of 100% tuition fees
  • 5 x scholarships of 50% tuition fees
  • 30 x scholarships of 25% tuition fees

For further information and application procedures, please contact the Academic Coordinator Dr. Le Van Ha at

Scholarships for the first academic year 

... will be calculated based on the total score in the VGU entrance examination.

Number and categories of Merit Scholarships granted for each study program: 

  • 5% of students with the best result will receive the scholarships of 100% tuition fee;
  • 10% of students with the next best result will receive the scholarships of 50% tuition fee;
  • 15% of students with the next best result will receive the scholarships of 25% tuition fee.

In the second semester, only students with a minimum IELTS Academic 6.0/TOEFL iBT 60 or equivalent (including native English speaking students and students graduated from a bachelor/master program fully taught and assessed in English) are eligible for merit scholarships. If students cannot hand in their IELTS certificates or equivalent before 31st March of the first academic year, they will not receive the scholarships for the second semester.

Students who decline enrolment offer and re-apply to the same program by using the same admitted achievement (if valid) in the next selection rounds will not be eligible for merit scholarships.

Scholarships for the following academic years

... will be based on the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the preceding academic year. The deadline of the GPA is 15th September of the actual academic year.

For further information, please see the VGU Merit Scholarships Regulations.

The scholarship from the VGU Friends and Supporters Association is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development (HMWEVL)


Entitled for application are poor and gifted admitted Freshmen (first year) students from all Master Programs at VGU

Scholarship Value

The value of scholarship is 3,000 EUR / student (one-time payment)

Number of scholarships 

Approx. 15

Main Criteria

  • Freshmen with financial difficulty
  • Excellent Academic record (National exam or Entrance exam) 
  • Successfully passed VGU admission process

Note: Female students shall be favored (at least 50% of the number of scholarship shall be granted to female students). However, male students are also encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline

October of the admission year. 

Note: Students who are granted a VGU Merit Scholarship, in case of being chosen, are requested to make a choice for either one of the two granted scholarships. 

For further information and application procedures, please contact the Academic Coordinator Dr. Le Van Ha at


Although the Master of Science in Global Finance and Economics program has not been launched at the Vietnamese-German University, I feel this program is very beneficial and impressive. In my opinion, this program can help Vietnamese students gain more knowledge and quickly understand the global economic and financial system. In this curriculum, some modules enhance previously learned knowledge, and some others add exciting new subjects. I look forward to this program being included in the Vietnamese-German University’s curriculum as soon as possible.

Nguyen Hong Thanh NganBBA 2018