• Third Virtual Community Networking Lunch: Stay connected with your peers!
  • GBS Community Guest Talk: Trust is good, but how do you define relevant factors?
  • Can traditional structures have a digital future?

Third Virtual Community Networking Lunch: Stay connected with your peers!

As we continue to face restrictions which limit our ability to meet in-person, it is more important than ever to keep channels open for networking and informal get togethers within the GBS community! Join us on Thursday, May 27 from 12:00 – 13:00 for the third virtual community networking lunch, and get to know other GBS students and alumni! A now well-established and much loved format, this one-hour session will match you with different GBS community members every 8 minutes, giving you the opportunity to meet and get to know the broader GBS community in an informal setting. We look forward to a good turnout again and welcome anyone with an affiliation to GBS to join us! Register here.

GBS Community Guest Talk: Trust is good, but how do you define relevant factors?

On Friday, May 7, GBS hosted a Community Guest Talk with Pharma MBA alumnus Manuel Bierwirth! Manuel is graduate of the Pharma MBA Class of 2020 and presented to more than 40 participants important factors of trust between AI and human beings. This topic was originally analyzed in his master thesis "Trust between Artificial Intelligence and Human Beings in the Pharmaceutical Business Context of Field Force and AI-supported Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions". Manuel pointed out how trust in artificial intelligence, especially in the Pharma industry, is topical and very much relevant today and mentioned that the information dealt with in the talk was also a helpful add-on to 9 the general course in the Pharma MBA program "High Performance Teams" taught by Dr. Karolien Notebaert, who also addresses the issue of trust. Manuel presented his research questions and methods he used in his master thesis and shared his findings, including relevant trust factors and their transferability from human-human to human-AI relationships based on scientific prevalence and interviews. The talk closed with constructive questions, e.g. regarding the models Manuel introduced. Apart from the insightful presentation, participants received a useful overview of the working processes between the Data Science team and Sales Management team at Merck, where Manuel works as Manager Healthcare Business Analytics. The GBS Community Guest Talk proves to be a great way to discuss relevant current topics, exchange expertise and stay connected. Thank you to Manuel for the interesting presentation!

Can traditional structures have a digital future?

Real Estate: A traditional business in the wake of digital transformation

We asked GBS alumnus Daniel Bauer what challenges and opportunities exist regarding driving digital change in the real estate industry.

Daniel has a clear view on how to continue moving things forward: Even though digital transformation is seen as a relevant field of action, most organizations are still at the early stage of their transformation journey – whilst in the meantime, so-called PropTechs (from “Property” and “Technology”), are ready to revolutionize or even disrupt the industry. From a data perspective, the real estate industry is lacking transparency as well as standards and guidance on how to make best use of the available data. A transition to a data-driven business is hard if high-quality data is either not available or the organization is not able to use it. From Daniel's point of view, it is no question that the real estate sector needs to get up to speed and keep the pace with other industries. Read Daniel's key recommendations he would offer to organizations in our latest blog article here.


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