GBS Online Classes During Lockdown in New Zealand!

In this interview, Markus, a second-semester student in the part-time Pharma MBA program at Goethe Business School, shares his experience of being stranded in New Zealand during the pandemic, using online lectures to stay connected with the program, and the challenges he faced due to the time difference.

Meike: Markus, you are a second semester student in our part-time Pharma MBA program and have used the semester break for a trip to New Zealand with your wife and your 4 months old son. Due to the pandemic, you somewhat stranded there and would have missed the first lecture weekend of the new semester.

Markus: We had spent already 10 days in our apartment in lockdown, which was much more stringent than the restrictions in Germany, so that it was not only convenient for me being able to participate in the lectures and not to fall behind in class, but I was also very happy I had something to do and could meet my fellow students again - even if it was only via zoom.

Meike: How did it feel being on the 'other side of the world', isolated in an apartment not knowing when to return?

Markus: While being stranded I constantly checked my emails because we were waiting to hear from the Embassy about the repatriation flights. During class, I could (almost) forget about being stranded and I had to stop constantly checking my emails. It was a really good distraction! 

Meike: Did you face any problems with the online lectures?

Markus: The time difference was the only challenge. The first course on Friday – Pharmaceutical Value Chain - started for me at midnight and finished at 7 AM in the morning. To be honest, I did not make it till the end. Since the course was recorded I could watch the last part the following week. Unfortunately, my 4 months old son woke up very early and it was hard for me to get some sleep during the afternoon to be at least somewhat rested for the next course which started for me at 9 PM. 

Meike: We are really happy that you safely returned to Germany on Ester Sunday!