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Executive Education Asia, a division of Goethe Business School, specializes in crafting exclusive education programs for executives and senior managers in Asian countries. Our strength lies in blending academic and industry expertise, coupled with extensive training experience and a deep understanding of Asian client requirements. Our faculty includes lecturers from Goethe University's Economics & Business department and industry executives sharing valuable business insights. Located in Frankfurt's financial hub, we provide opportunities for meetings and company visits with major financial institutions. Programs take place at the centrally located and highly-rated Campus Westend, offering excellent learning facilities and an international atmosphere.

We specialize in finance and banking, collaborating closely with Goethe University's Faculty of Economics & Business and the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE. Our portfolio extends to interdisciplinary management, leadership, and selected specialized topics in current business trends. With excellent teaching and research resources and strong corporate partnerships, Goethe Business School offers expert knowledge across four key areas: finance, banking, management, and leadership.

We collaborate closely with your institution to develop custom solutions tailored to your unique needs, whether it's transforming company culture, improving business processes, or empowering executives for effective leadership. Our educational approach integrates academics with practical business experiences, creating an accessible and inspiring learning environment. Our programs blend top-level research, industry expertise, and active networking, supported by excellent learning resources. We take pride in crafting personalized programs that address our client's specific goals, ensuring a high-quality and success-optimized training experience for senior management.

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Frankfurt, a global hub at the heart of Europe, boasts the continent's largest stock exchange, hosting over 300 banks, including headquarters for major global institutions like the European Central Bank. As the EU's regulatory center, it houses crucial agencies such as the European Systemic Risk Committee. Known for its distinctive skyline, Frankfurt is the focal point of European monetary policy and the birthplace of Goethe University, renowned for its research focus and voted "Germany's most beautiful campus". If you seek a high-quality academic environment with an international flair, Frankfurt is the ideal place, offering a dynamic city life and cultural richness. GBS, situated in the modern House of Finance on Campus Westend since 2008, is an integral part of this vibrant academic and financial landscape.


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