Artificial Intelligence – What Is Hype and What Is Already Real?

Florian Deter, who is a GBS alumnus and the Managing Director of Microsoft Germany, shared his insights and expertise on AI during the Friday Talk series at Goethe Business School. The event was attended by more than 60 students and alumni on April 19 at the House of Finance.

Florian Deter, currently in charge of Microsoft Germany's key account business, began his professional career in consulting and management roles at companies such as Oliver Wyman, Accenture, and PWC. Later, he served as Executive Vice President for Nordcloud's global portfolio, a subsidiary of IBM. Before that, he was responsible for IBM's CIO Advisory and Cloud Applications service line. When Goethe Business School invited him, he gladly returned to his alma mater on Campus Westend. During his presentation, Deter demonstrated the effectiveness of Microsoft Copilot by sharing his daily routine and best practices with a packed classroom. After the talk, attendees had the opportunity to network and ask questions about AI and future trends.

Networking plays an essential role in Goethe Business School's part-time MBA program. Distinguished guest speakers from diverse backgrounds are regularly invited to discuss contemporary topics. These interactive sessions give students and alumni a unique opportunity to gain insights into how experts tackle current challenges and bring about change. Typically, there are two Friday Talk events per semester, which take place on Friday evenings after regular lectures. It is followed by a chance for participants to network with each other.