Customized Programs

Tailor-made Programs for Your Company

Our Customized Programs are not off-the-shelf formats. To provide your institution with solutions tailored to your needs, we co-create content and format together with you to transform company culture, improve business processes, or provide management teams with the tools they need to effectively lead their teams. Combining interdisciplinary research with industry experience, we guide participants towards success!

This is why each program is truly unique: From setting learning goals and defining the desired outcomes, to choosing top industry experts and tailoring the learning experience to include practice examples from your own organization, involvement of the customer in every step will ensure we are delivering a program which can be directly applied in your specific professional environment.


Dr. Christian Jansen
Managing Director

  +49 69 798 33846


Our Program Development Process

Personalized consultation from the beginning

Our individualized consultation, from conception through to completing the program, will help define your needs and priorities.

A tailored format

Based on our experience and in cooperation with you, we develop a program format suited to your needs.

Expert know-how

We excel in the areas of Digital Transformation, Pharma Management, and Finance. As the only business school in Germany with proven expertise and accredited programs in these areas, we are able to offer excellence in a wide range of both general and specialized topics.

Blending Theory and Practice

The focus of all our programs is on a high practical orientation. Our teams of lecturers from academia and business practice are specifically selected for each program in order to ensure the best possible fit for your learning objectives.

Exceptional Location in Frankfurt

Our programs take place in a special learning atmosphere on one of Germany’s most beautiful campus, the Campus Westend of Goethe University in the heart of Frankfurt.

Flexible Learning Format

Innovative E-Learning solutions support preparation and wrap-up phases. They offer easy access to learning materials and flexible learning opportunities not only in-person but anytime, anywhere.

Your Learning Success is our Goal

Practice-relevant learning in small groups with a focus on interaction, case studies and discussion support a successful learning experience – and with that, the ability to immediately apply what has been learned in the real world.