Digital Transformation


The Master of Digital Transformation Management at GBS is a uniquely interdisciplinary MBA program, and attracts both local and international students with a variety of academic and professional focuses across nearly every industry. We’re proud to offer access to a student body which is diverse and multifaceted, ensuring an enriched study experience for anyone who chooses to join our community.


It is always a challenge to do a part-time MBA program alongside a full-time job. Personally, I think that the support of my employer is decisive for its success - without giving me this backing, I would call it a "mission impossible". Having lectures every two weeks makes it considerably easier to manage my time.
It is exciting and enriching to be in a constant exchange with such a diverse group - in terms of age and companies. This exchange makes the program - additionally to the content - personally and professionally valuable for me.

Maraja FistanicCMO & Founder, Class of 2019