Master of Digital Transformation Management

Speed of business and speed of change are critically important. From the world wide web to the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet to the Internet of Everything, the largest, most comprehensive integration project that mankind has ever seen is well under way. Developing today’s business strategies requires an in-depth knowledge of the threats, challenges and possibilities presented by digitalization and the IT technologies and software tools available to deal with them.

The program, initiated by the Goethe Business School in cooperation with the House of IT, has been created by the combined expertise of Goethe Business School, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Goethe University as well as Technische Universität Darmstadt, and University of Kassel.

Target Group

The exceptionally well-balanced MBA program combines theory with market-relevant applications. Our goal is to develop future executives who are able to understand the chances and challenges of digitalization, make informed judgement calls and shape the Digital Transformation in their businesses.

The part-time Master of Digital Transformation Management (MBA) program is designed for ambitious professionals of all industries who want to

  • Seize the chances of the digital revolution and successfully transform their businesses for long-term success
  • Boost their careers and deepen their knowledge while pursuing professional goals
  • Shape the digital revolution and become a digital leader

Are you equipped to base your business strategy around the integration of these technologies? To identify which of the many coming and available technologies will have a lasting impact on your industry, your enterprise and your career? Answering these questions, and many more, form the core of the Master of Digital Transformation Management. Mastering the skill of assessing the impact of IT technology on business, of making IT technology the business, will equip you for the digitalization era.


Digitalization is poised to restructure our economy and will drastically change our lives. It can help us to detach economic development from the consumption of resources, improve wellbeing without exhaustive exploitation and ensure economically sustainable dynamics for our resource-poor country. Yet it also calls into question many established business models. To take advantage of these opportunities and minimize risks, we must shape this digital transformation – in politics and society as well as within the individual enterprise.

1:/user_upload/Images/Personen/Al-Wazir.jpg Tarek Al-WazirMinister of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development, State of Hessen