Financing Your Studies & Scholarships

One of many websites listing various scholarship opportunities, is the "Stipendien-Tipps" portal. This website is available in German language, only. Goethe Business School cannot assume any responsibility for its content.

Studying as a cost of income

If you have previously completed a degree and are looking to return to studies to further your career, it may be possible to claim your tuition fees as an income-related expense.

Many of our students take advantage of these tax benefits to help manage the cost of their studies. For more information about tax benefits and to see if this may be an option for you, download our informational flyer on tax benefits for University students in Germany.

GBS Scholarships

At Goethe Business School, we do our best to support applicants in finding the right program that best fits their personal and professional needs. We are also dedicated to doing our part in fostering a diverse business culture, paving the path to a successful career for talents across industries, and to establish a strong network of professionals who make a difference. With this in mind, we offer scholarships to financially support students of GBS master programs.

If you would like to be considered for GBS Scholarships, please make sure to complete the required applications by our deadline. In case of questions or if you would like more information, please contact our Recruiting and Admissions Team via recruiting[at]

The GBS Women+ in Business Scholarship aims to support women who are looking to further advance their career in the areas of technology/digital transformation, finance, or pharmaceutical business. We look forward to supporting talented, dedicated women who are pro-active about bettering the position of women+ within their chosen industries. Learn more about how to apply for a GBS Women+ in Business Scholarship in the GBS Women+ in Business Scholarship Key Fact Sheet.

The objective of the GBS Thought Leader Scholarship is to financially support applicants who have already proven or taken the first steps in achieving a considerable impact on their industry through outstanding engagement in their job. Applicants for the GBS Thought Leader Scholarship may also work outside of their own comfort zone by volunteering in a field of their expertise and by supporting those who are in danger falling behind with the increasing speed of innovation. See if you are eligible for a GBS Thought Leader Scholarship in the GBS Thought Leader Scholarship Key Fact Sheet.

FIRM Scholarships

Students enrolling in the Master in Finance program who have opted for the specialization in "Risk Management & Regulation" can apply for FIRM-sponsored fellowships.

The Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM) is managed by the Society for Risk Management and Regulation e. V. Founded in 2009, FIRM promotes high-quality research and teaching in the fields of risk management and regulation in Frankfurt. FIRM Scholarships may award up to 25% of the tuition. In addition, FIRM alumni join the FIRM alumni network, not only enabling them to get connected but also offering access to benefits such as invitations to special events such as the annual FIRM Research Conference and alumni meetings.

Study Fund

There are various options available to students looking for opportunities to finance their studies. For working professionals, Festo Bildungsfonds offers attractive student loan programs, and the state-owned KfW-Bank also offers financing opportunities to anyone under the age of 44.

If you are looking for a flexible repayment plan, Deutsche Bildung offers income-dependent repayment plans, allowing you to study without the burden of loan repayment holding you back. We encourage you to explore your financing options and see which one might be the best for your needs.

Talking to your employer

Aside from the financial options listed here, candidates may want to approach their employer and discuss options for support. This may be financial, or take other forms such as time support or mentoring.

As a business school, we understand the value further studies can have on your career development, and want to help you communicate your choice to your employer. Take a look at our Value Proposition sheet for tips you can discuss when you approach your company, to help them understand the benefits in supporting your choice, too.