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With three cutting-edge certificate programs focused on sustainability and ESG, we provide professionals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of sustainability, empowering them to drive positive change within their organizations.

Whether you are in finance and accounting roles, work in financial institutions and consulting firms, or are an executive seeking to lead sustainable initiatives, our programs offer unique insights and tools to excel in the realm of sustainability and ESG.

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Master Class - ESG & Sustainability

Explore the profound impact of ESG from both corporate and financial institution perspectives! Delving into key terminologies, legal frameworks, and the role of the financial sector, participants gain insights into the interplay between government policy, companies, and financial markets.

Special Class - Sustainable Finance

Deep dive into the effects of climate change on various types of risks faced by financial institutions! Through lectures and case studies, professionals from financial institutions and consulting firms gain an understanding of climate risk assessment, scenario analysis, and strategies for risk mitigation.

Special Class - Sustainability Management

Get empowered to drive sustainability as a disruptive force within your organizations! By analyzing business models and developing strategies, participants gain the skills to set sustainability goals, translate reporting into decisions, and lead change towards a sustainable organization.


Expert knowledge
Top-tier partner institutions from both academia and practice

Two sides of the coin
Link sustainability challenges for both corporates and financial institutions

Holistic view
Integrate diverse scientific perspectives

Clear emphasis
Focus on the “E” of ESG

Sustainable network
Prioritize in-class interaction and exchange

Impact on business
Utilize case studies for practice-oriented solutions

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