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The Master Class examines the impact of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) from both corporate and financial institution perspectives. Participants gain insight into the primary drivers of policy agendas and the regulatory frameworks of ESG as well as their implications for both market sides.

Topics Covered

  • Terminologies: ESG – CSR - Sustainability – Many animals in the zoo
  • What are the main aspects of E, S and G and why is ESG important
  • Key legal and regulatory plans / frameworks; for E, S and G
  • Potential impacts on business and reporting
  • Role of the financial sector
  • Sustainable Development Goals and further aspects Economic view on ESG: The relationship between government policy, the role of companies and financial markets.
  • Co2 certificate market: Functionality, planned changes in EU by the end of the 2020s and implications for ESG.
  • ESG, capital costs and company value
  • Current ESG policy and regulation: Development of the Taxonomy Regulation and its impacts.
  • Interpretation of regulations in Europe / worldwide and future trends
  • Sustainability reporting standards, materiality and its implications
  • Disclosure of sustainability related information compared to disclosure of financial information
  • Data and measurement: What we measure is what we get
  • Investment approaches, valuation and implication for corporates
  • Assumptions, analysis and development of climate change and biodiversity
  • Climate risks and assessments: (Non-) financial risks of climate change, cases of divestment in response to climate risks, recent lessons learned 

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Key Facts

Target Group

Professionals in finance and accounting roles from corporates, professionals from financial institutions and consulting firms




Campus Westend, Goethe University Frankfurt


"Certified Expert in ESG & Sustainability"


Blended Learning:
Self-paced online preparation +
4 days of interactive lectures


Dr. Paolo Scussolini

Assistant Professor
 Water and Climate Risk Department
VU Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. Anna Rohlfing-Bastian

Chair for Accounting, esp. Management Accounting
Goethe University Frankfurt

Dr. Matthias Schleuning

Head of Senior Scientist Group
“Functional Ecology and Global Change”


Managing Director
Risk Sigma GmbH

Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz

Chair of Industrial Organization
Goethe University Frankfurt
Founding Director Leibniz Institute
for Financial Research SAFE

DATES - 2024
Modules Dates
Master Class - ESG & Sustainability (this program) New dates coming soon
Special Class - Sustainable Finance → New dates coming soon
Special Class - Sustainability Management → New dates coming soon


Program Fees
Package Early-Bird Fee Regular Fee
Master Class - ESG & Sustainability (this program) 1,990 EUR* 2,490 EUR
Special Class - Sustainable Finance → 990 EUR* 1,290 EUR
Special Class - Sustainability Management → 990 EUR* 1,290 EUR 
Master Class & Special Class** 2,690 EUR* 3,390 EUR

*Early-bird fees apply until August 31, 2023. For GBS and Goethe University Frankfurt Alumni, the early-bird offer is permanently available.
**For the package "Master Class & Special Class", 3 ECTS credit points are awarded after a successful completion of the final examination.

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