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Digitization is transforming companies more fundamentally than the business world has ever seen. Value chains and entire business models will be interrupted. This is and will also be true for any professional task / role in finance as well as for the financial sector as a whole. 

Therefore, a fundamental understanding of digital innovations as well as of the impact of data-driven decision-making on business processes and business models is a key skill for professionals in the field of finance. The different certificate options in financial technology management provide participants with these skills and allow for a broad understanding of future developments in finance.


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Our certificate programs enable you to create a curriculum tailored to your personal and professional needs.

To qualify for the Certificate in Financial Technology Management, you are expected to participate in four courses of your choice from the course list below. At least two of these courses must be chosen from the Financial Technology Management specialization area.

How you benefit

Regulatory pressures, technology as well as monetary policies are the key drivers of the changing financial industry. Decision makers can only stay abreast when they strive for continuous learning and inspiration.

Prof. Dr. Uwe WalzChair of Industrial Organization & Academic Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business, Goethe University Frankfurt; Deputy Scientific Director & Representative of the Scientific Board, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE
  Format Dates
Alternative Investments 12 two-hour sessions Oct. 2 - Nov. 13, 2021
Data-Driven Decision-Making in Finance 12 two-hour sessions tbd.
Ethics in Finance 6 two-hour sessions Nov. 26, 2021 - Jan. 22, 2022
Derivatives & Financial Engineering 12 two-hour sessions Oct. 1 - Nov. 13, 2021
Applied Deep Learning in Finance 6 two-hour sessions tbd.
Big Data in Finance 6 two-hour sessions tbd.
Digitalization of Banking & Finance 6 two-hour sessions tbd.
Digital Assets, Blockchain Technology &
The Future of Finance
6 two-hour sessions tbd.
Mergers & Acquisitions 6 two-hour sessions tbd.
Trading & Technology 6 two-hour sessions tbd.
Key Facts

Course materials

Course materials will be provided in electronic form.




Partially online via Zoom and Campus Westend of Goethe University Frankfurt.

Certificate of participation

A Certificate in Financial Technology Management is awarded upon completion of the program.

Course Fee*

The package of four courses is offered at a 10% discount off the regular fee.

The regular fee is € 1.900 for 12 two-hour sessions and € 950 for 6 two-hour sessions, respectively. The fee for GBS students and alumni amounts to 800 € for 12 two-hour sessions and 400 € for 6 two-hour sessions. Fee is exempt from VAT.

*Withdrawal and fee refund
In case the course withdrawal request is received two weeks prior to the start of classes, GBS will retain a withdrawal fee of € 100. In case the course withdrawal request is received less than two weeks prior to the start of classes, GBS will retain 50% of the payment made.


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