Goethe Business School

An attractive location. A unique approach.

Goethe Business School (GBS) offers executives and young professionals an exclusive platform for a broad portfolio of education and training programs at Goethe University – at the heart of Europe’s financial center Frankfurt am Main. Founded in 2004, GBS is closely connected to the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

The GBS learning approach is truly unique and offers a custom-tailored type of education based on the combination of insights of leading academics, practical content as well as relevant soft skills. The attractive study facilities of the House of Finance at one of the most modern university campuses in Europe enables participants to further enhance their professional and personal skills. All programs are taught by renowned academics with practical experience in collaboration with a continuously growing network of partners offering a wide range of competencies in different areas of expertise.

GBS part-time master programs offer young professionals the possibility to further enhance their professional as well as personal development in a goal-oriented way, thereby implementing the acquired knowledge in their professional practical environment. Through an interdisciplinary approach and the possibility to incorporate an individual focus, students succeed in achieving an academically founded as well as practice-oriented advanced education.

Besides the traditional fields of research and teaching, further education is gaining more and more importance for the academic world. The mission of Goethe University as a citizens’ university is to promote knowledge transfer and to enable life-long learning. Following this mission, Goethe Business School is the unique place at Goethe University that fuels professional and personal development

1:/user_upload/Images/01_Ueber_Uns/Birgitta_Wolff-2.jpg Prof. Dr. Birgitta WolffPresident, Goethe University

Within the framework of open courses and training programs, which can be booked individually but also as a separate program, every professional who is interested in this particular academic area (with or without student status) has the chance to gain new academic knowledge or refresh existing knowledge on the subject.

Customized programs are the focus of work within the GBS Executive Education department. The realization of the customized program takes place in close collaboration with the corporate client and is based on the foundation of agreed learning objectives in the identified areas of competencies. The China Executive Education Center (CEEC) has a specific geographical focus, and has successfully offered senior managers from the Chinese financial sector interdisciplinary educational training programs on management themes for many years, allowing Chinese and European financial leaders to connect and build a network.