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The Pharma MBA at Goethe Business School is unparalleled within the field of further education, and attracts both local and international students with a variety of academic and professional focuses within the pharma industry. We’re proud to offer access to a student body which is diverse and multifaceted, ensuring an enriched study experience for anyone who chooses to join our community.

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The entire program is a great networking opportunity! Next to the people in class, lecturers, guest speakers, workshops, and Friday Talks, the program brings together bright people from all across the pharmaceutical industry. Another advantage of this MBA is the specialization in Pharma from a content perspective. Furthermore, the content is constantly evolving and specifically enriched with new topics such as digital transformation, digital health therapeutics, and design thinking amongst others, that are either covered in class or in additional workshops

Dr. René FürtigTranslational Medicine & Clinical Pharmacology Lead, Class of 2020