Global Finance and Economics


Target Group

The M.Sc. in Global Finance and Economics program is aimed at promising graduates of business, computer science, economics, engineering, mathematics, and related undergraduate programs whose goal it is to prepare − at a time when Vietnam is entering a new phase of development of its financial markets and of its economic policy framework − for successful professional careers in financial markets or in society at large in positions drawing upon economic and/or financial analysis.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates can expect to get prepared for careers in areas such as Ph.D. in Finance and Economics (including at top-tier schools in Europe and North America), Financial and Risk Management, Portfolio and Hedge Fund Management, Investment Banking, Financial Consulting, Business Analytics, Business and Economic Forecasting, M&A Consulting, Economic Analysis at Central Banks, Ministries of Finance, and in the Financial Sector, Economic Consulting, Financial Regulation, Government Advising, and International Financial and Monetary Organizations.

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I am in the final steps of completing my Bachelor study in Computer Science (CSE) at VGU. Thanks to CSE, I have also experienced international education and cooperation via an exchange semester at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. I consider VGU as one of the best higher education institutions in Vietnam. VGU features a strong academic team, who are very helpful and supportive. Student clubs and study groups have facilitated our academic as well as social life at VGU greatly. I have decided to join the GFE program to study state-of-the-art methods in Finance and Economics, as well as the application of the latest modern technologies into economic and financial markets. CSE-GFE is a perfect combination for me to become an expert on quantitative finance and economic analysis so that I can join hands with the young generations to deal with probing challenges facing our world and the development of our country.

Dang Chi CongCSE 2017