Master in Finance


English-language Master in Finance – alongside your job in only four semesters

  • Semesters 1-3: Lectures every two weeks on Friday afternoons (13:00 to 20:00) and Saturdays (9:00 to 17:00) on approx. 10 weekends, final module exams included
  • Semester 4: Preparatory seminar and final master thesis, no regular presence on campus required

Given the program’s specialization options and the modular structure of the curriculum, you can adapt your studies to your own professional and individual interests. By choosing four modules in the specialization phase as well as the focus of your master thesis, you can specialize in one of the two main areas of study: Risk Management & Regulation or Financial Technology Management.

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General Courses

Master in Finance general courses enable participants to build a strong foundation in the principles and practice of finance and financial markets and to apply problem-solving skills to real-world situations.

  • Financial Accounting & Analysis
  • Statistics & Empirical Methods
  • Capital Markets & Asset Pricing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Alternative Investments
  • Derivatives & Financial Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Ethics in Finance
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making in Finance
Specialization Courses

Choose four modules in one of the two specialization areas and according to your personal and professional interests. Courses on offer can vary from year to year, which ensures that current topics are always included.

Financial Technology Management

Big Data, Blockchain and other developments in digitalization are challenging industry and financial institutions to constantly evolve and efficiently use new technologies for their benefit. Prepare yourself for these new challenges and actively shape the future of the financial industry!

  • Applied Deep Learning in Finance
  • Digital Assets, Blockchain Technology & the Future of Finance
  • Digitalization of Banking & Finance
  • Management Control Systems
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Trading & Technology

Risk Management & Regulation

Sensitive financial markets reacting to political and economic events require increasingly profound expertise in the fields of risk management and regulation. Obtain a practice-oriented qualification in this focus area and demand-oriented training in the financial center Frankfurt!

  • Applied Credit Risk Management
  • Bank Management
  • Bank Risk Governance & Regulation
  • Compliance in Financial Institutions
  • Financial Stability & Regulation
  • Global Economic Environment
  • Sustainable Business & Investing
Master Thesis & Seminar

In a two-part seminar taking place in Frankfurt and in Kleinwalsertal (Austria), you will get prepared for the master thesis that concludes your studies in the final 22 weeks of the program. In their master thesis, Master in Finance students usually work on a practice-oriented problem from their chosen focus area.


It’s the perfect time to study finance. The world is moving very fast, both within and outside the financial sector, and new technologies are developing very quickly. I’m excited that we have taken the program to a level where we can depict the two main trajectories of the industry – on the one hand risk and regulation which nowadays plays THE key role in the financial sector, while on the other hand taking into account the effects of new technologies, digitization, data-driven decision making, etc. and explore the effects thereof. Mimicking the dynamic changes taking place in the real world through our program, and being so close to the sector, makes our program particularly unique.

Prof. Dr. Uwe WalzChair of Industrial Organization and Academic Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business, Goethe University Frankfurt, Deputy Scientific Director and Representative of the Scientific Board, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE

An important part of our teaching concept is the strong practical relevance of our programs. To this end, regular exchanges with industry experts take place not only within the framework of the lectures, but also in extra-curricular lecture series. The FIRM-Kaminabende, which are sponsored by the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM), provide insights into professional practice and also offer the opportunity to network with members of the GBS community and external experts.


Since my graduation and starting to work, I was sure that I want to deepen and expand my knowledge in the financial sector. I knew that I want to combine both pursuing my career and studying without neglecting one of them. In regard of combining both, the Master in Finance program at GBS was the perfect match. Especially the offered specializations convinced me. The Risk Management & Regulation track was unique for me and a perfect fit to complement my daily work as a consultant. From the beginning, the program was always highly compatible with work. I was always able to leverage synergies between my work and the Master and meet many inspiring people. I am very thankful for all the opportunities the GBS offers its students before, during and after studying. I would always choose the program again and suggest it to everyone that wants to combine pursuing one’s career with a Master program.

Anna-Lena GrotzkiClass of 2024