Executive Education

Our Philosophy

Executive education at GBS pursues an approach that substantially improves the behavioral variability of executives. The starting point is the self-conception of the executives. If they extensively understand their function and impact in the social context, they do no longer need any ready-made solutions in their leadership activities. Instead, if executives have the ability to activate their resources and exploit their individual potential, they are able to develop action and decision-making patterns and use leadership tools that not only match them personally, but also take into account the situational requirements.

In this way, a leader increases his or her own behavioral variability and can use it permanently in constantly changing contexts. The development process of executives (Executive Education) thus always aims at a substantial improvement of the ability to act and behavioral variability.

Our Approach

Executives are empowered to activate their skills and make better use of their resources and potential in order to focus their attention and use their knowledge and experience efficiently and target-oriented. In this way, executives cannot only exploit their full capabilities, but also shape relationships to create robust and adaptable teams, as well as meaningful organizations.

For the curriculum, findings from the fields of neuroscientific research, personality development, sports science, psychology, sociology and behavioral sciences were merged into a framework and made practically applicable with the help of elements from systemic coaching, design thinking and other mediating methods.


Dr. Fabian Urban
Director Executive Education

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Goethe Leadership Lab sets a new benchmark in leadership development in Germany.
Our innovative training concepts not only initiate a profound change process for executives themselves, but also give organizations the opportunity to realign their development projects.

Dr. Fabian UrbanAcademic Director, Managing Director Executive Education, Goethe Business School

Our Focus

  • Who am I as a leader, how can I describe my individual leadership personality and how can I make use of it?
  • How can peak performance be defined individually in everyday professional life, and which influenceable and non-influenceable variables does it depend on?
  • What are the resources and micro-structures in my team and how can I use them in a more target-oriented way in order to exploit untapped development potential?
  • How do I use cognitive and non-cognitive energy sources and maintain presence and authenticity even in stressful situations?
  • What are the core elements of effective change and what do I have to do to implement my change projects?



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