Prof. Dr. Henner Gimpel - Data-Based Business Models in the Health Sector

Q&A with Prof. Dr. Henner Gimpel, GBS faculty and enthusiastic about supporting both companies and students to acquire new knowledge.

Besides research and teaching, Henner consults and supports industrial companies, financial service providers, healthcare providers, cities, and various other organizations in managing their digital transformation. Henner is a frequent speaker at academic conferences, industry conferences, and corporate events.

Prof. Gimpel, which topic do you teach in the GBS certificate program "Data Science in Health"? What is the special focus of your course?

I focus on data-based business models and the many ways in which data science can be used to create economic value.

Why is this topic important for the future development of the healthcare sector?

The healthcare sector is hugely important and also expensive. Data science can help improve the quality of care and keep costs under control. Individual companies can use data science to help increase profitability, differentiate themselves from others, and develop new, profitable, data-driven business models.

What do you think the healthcare sector will look like in 20 years? Or what do you hope it will look like?

I hope that through data, data analytics, and machine learning we will have much more and better evidence-based care. This applies to medical and care decisions as well as business and health economic decisions. In the process, evidence will (hopefully) be much more "real life" and much more integrated across different organizations and contexts. To do this, we will also need to rethink collaboration models and the distribution of work and interaction between humans and machines in a completely new way. This will be a building block for improving the already good quality of care and increasing efficiency.

If you want to connect to Henner Gimpel, feel free to reach him via his LinkedIn.