Dr. Stefan Weiss - The importance of Digital Business Models the future of the healthcare sector

Q&A with Dr. Stefan Weiss, a highly engaged professional with a strong background in life sciences, pharma, and business - in academia and industry.

 Dr. Stefan Weiss -  Data Science in Health

Dr. Weiss supports Pharma and MedTech clients in strategic innovation management, development of digital health solutions from idea to market entry, technology evaluation and business development.

Dr. Weiss, which topic do you teach in the GBS certificate program "Data Science in Health"? What is the special focus of your course?

I concentrate on digital business model development with 4 focus areas:

  1. Amazon as a platform provider in healthcare
  2. How to develop digital business models in healthcare
    - Motivation for digital innovation & how to strategize (pharma perspective)
    - Examples of successful digital business models
    - How to develop digital innovation projects
  3. Overview of the new fields Digital Therapeutics (DTx) & DiGAs
  4. Insights from corporate-startup partnerships in healthcare

Hereby it is especially important for me, to:

  • Create a deep understanding in rising innovation fields
  • Share real-world experience in implementing innovation - from strategy development to innovation projects
  • Provide up-to-date information in a very rapidly developing field
  • Take a look "behind the scenes" to understand motivations and mechanisms

Why is the subject Digital Business Models important for the future development of the healthcare sector?

  • Digitization is still very much in its infancy in healthcare - it will significantly change the role of all members in the ecosystem
  • Digital innovation is a strategic field in which superficial knowledge is no longer sufficient
  • BigTech is developing strongly in the healthcare sector; strategic positioning for established players is necessary

What do you think the healthcare sector will look like in 20 years? Or, what do you hope it will look like?

  • The role of the physician will change a lot – being a strong team player, open to suggestions from computerized systems, focusing on providing information to the patient
  • The value of telehealth, DTx with strong evidence, clinical decision support systems and remote care solutions is understood by all stakeholders, broadly applied in our care landscape and fully reimbursed
  • New players like BigTech or E-pharmacies are offering hybrid, digital-first care solutions

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