Bettina Resl - Why data science is crucial for the consumer healthcare business

Bettina Resl - Data Science in Health

Bettina Resl is Head Public Affairs Europe at the French group Sanofi in the Consumer Healthcare division. She has more than 20 years of professional experience in public and political institutions as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and was a partner at Thierry Politikberatung between 2011 and 2013.

The mother of three children studied Political Science and Slavic studies at the University of Vienna and graduated from the master's program in Public Health at the Medical University of Vienna. Bettina Resl also completed the Political Management course at Quadriga University Berlin and the 6th Strategic Leadership Course of the Austrian Federal Government. Currently, she is studying in the Data Science in Health certificate program at GBS.

Mrs. Resl, why is data science crucial for the consumer healthcare business?

There is nothing fundamentally new about the fact that Data Science is currently transforming our world and will have a major impact on our future. However, it is still unclear what exactly this future will look like, especially in industries that focus on the well being of people, like the Consumer Healthcare industry.

In order to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of Data Science for the Consumer Healthcare business and how Public Affairs can contribute to its meaningful application, one must first and foremost be aware of the great advantages of Data Science in this sector:

  1. Data Science can empower consumers to make more informed decisions if provided with data-based recommendations. This can lead to a reduction in the burden on the health care system if self-medication is used consciously.
  2. Data Science allows for a more efficient and quicker development process and can accelerate innovation. New drug discoveries increase the consumer’s choice.
  3. Data insights can lead to the discovery of the need for new drug options that would otherwise go undetected.

It is the duty of Public Affairs to identify these and other needs and to advance the necessary framework conditions. It is probably one of the most challenging and important tasks to protect the patients' data privacy while still creating the possibility to use the data in a profitable way for the whole society.

Mrs. Resl, what are your impressions of the GBS “Data Science in Health” certificate program?

The Data Science in Health course offers exactly the right introduction to the topic of how we can use data profitably for society as a whole.

What are your key takeaways from the program?

Among others, the task of Public Affairs is to recognize data science-based needs in order to advance the necessary framework conditions accordingly. By completing the program, I was able to acquire this ability. The exchange with colleagues from different areas - from data engineers to business developers and consultants - is a valuable addition to the course content.

Why is the topic important for the future?

Data Science is currently changing our world and will certainly have a significant impact on our lives in the future. Especially in industries that focus on the well-being of people, such as the consumer healthcare industry. Therefore, it is important to take a closer look at the opportunities and challenges of Data Science for the field of Consumer Healthcare in the context of Public Affairs in order to contribute to a meaningful application of health data.

If you want to connect to Bettina Resl, feel free to reach her via her LinkedIn.