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If you're an interested applicant and in dire need of tips and tricks on how to prepare a strong application portfolio for a part-time Master program at GBS, watch our newest video upload here! In this video, our Recruiting & Admissions Team will guide you through the application process, giving us extra time in our regular Online Admissions Workshops to focus on your individual profile and program application. Don’t be a stranger, reach out with any questions you may have!

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Let's Talk Admissions!

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#digitalmba News

Electives now open for auditors!

We at GBS strive to continuously expand our course offerings and ensure an innovative and exclusive educational platform for business executives and professionals. Discover the latest new entries in our Open Programs offerings from the Digital Transformation MBA which you can audit without students status: Digital Process Management and Digital Leadership with our renowned faculty members Prof. Dr. Julia Krönung and Dr. Karolien Notebaert!

Browse through our Open Programs portfolio below!

#financemaster News

The new summer semester is about to start and new #financemaster students will embark their GBS journey very soon. However, the incoming students will not be the only newcomers joining our GBS Community...We are delighted to welcome new faculty members for this year's Master in Finance program: Dr. Christoph Hambel, Prof. Dr. Alexander Hillert and Dr. Kevin Bauer!

Welcome Dr. Christoph Hambel!

Assistant Professor of Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt

Christoph works at the Finance department of Goethe University. His research explores a variety of topics in finance and environmental economics including actuarial science, asset pricing, carbon pricing, climate finance, and consumption-portfolio choice. He has coauthored scholarly articles on these subjects, which have been published in journals such as Journal of International Economics, European Economic Review, and Journal of Risk and Insurance. Furthermore, Christoph was awarded the Sturm & Drang prize for the best paper published by a young researcher of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Goethe University. For his teaching, he won the best teaching award of the student body of the Faculty of Economics and Business (“Fachschaftspreis für exzellente Lehre”).

Christoph will be teaching the foundations course "Capital Markets & Asset Pricing" for the Master in Finance program, which will deal studying markets for different kinds of assets and pricing of these assets.

Bienvenue Prof. Dr. Alexander Hillert!

Professor for Finance and Data Science at Leibniz Institute for Financial Research (SAFE) & Goethe University

In addition to his position as Professor for Finance & Data Science, Alexander is also the program director of the SAFE Research Data Center. After his undergraduate studies at the University of Mannheim and HEC Paris, Alexander completed his Ph.D. in finance at the University of Mannheim. His research interests include empirical asset pricing, empirical corporate finance, and behavioral finance. In his research, he often uses methods from computer sciences to analyze unstructured information and to learn, for example, more on how investors collect, process, and interpret (text) information. His research has been published in leading finance journals including the Review of Financial Studies and the Journal of Financial Economics. Alexander has been involved in the training of young academics for many years. He regularly teaches, for example, in the doctoral programs of the VHB, Goethe University, the University of Mannheim, and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Alexander will be teaching the foundation course "Corporate Finance" for the Master in Finance program, where students will discuss fundamental questions such as how to value projects and how to solve capital budgeting and financing problems of corporations.

Willkommen Dr. Kevin Bauer!

Advanced Researcher, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE, Goethe University Frankfurt

Kevin is a post-doctoral researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE since 2020. At SAFE he is part of the “Digitization of the Financial Industry” research group. His research focuses on human-machine interaction, human-centric machine learning, and human information processing. At Goethe University, Kevin completed his first master's degree in Law and Quantitative Economics in 2017 and received his Ph.D. in 2018. While doing his Ph.D., he started a second Master's degree in Information Systems focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Before joining SAFE, Kevin worked at the Startup and Innovation Center, TechQuartier as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist, where he is still active as an external consultant and lecturer on AI related topics.

Kevin will be teaching the specialization course for the Master in Finance program "Applied Deep Learning in Finance", which is also an Open Program and may be attended on a “no credit” basis by individuals not enrolled as regular students in the Master in Finance program. The course introduces Deep Learning methods including Feed Forward Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, and Recurrent Neural Networks.

#pharmamba News

And the Oscar goes to...

Not quite the Oscars, but with almost the same value: We have announced the Best Teaching Awards of the winter semester 2021/2022! In our last newsletter we had already introduced and congratulated Prof. Dr. Anna Rohlfing-Bastian for best teaching in "Managerial Accounting". Kindly join us now in also congratulating the awards recipients for the Pharma MBA elective "Research, Development & Medical Affairs": Dr. Aimo Kannt & Dr. Matthias Meergans! Both faculty members have excelled the challenges of teaching a specialization course divided into two parts by keeping the students fascinated with Pharma research and development as well as medical affairs.

#gbsexecutiveeducation News

Open Programs in the Summer Semester 2022!

We are delighted to announce that we have expanded our Open Programs portfolio! External course participants* have the chance to deepen their knowledge in the fields of finance and digital transformation and to network with GBS students this summer! *Course participants are visitors who are not responsible for assignments and do not take an exam or earn academic credits. As the number of seats in the course is limited, we recommend to register online early.

Course offer Format Dates
Financial Stability & Regulation 6 two-hour sessions Apr. 8 - June 3, 2022
Mergers & Acquisitions 6 two-hour sessions Apr. 8 - June 17, 2022
Data-Driven Decision-Making In Finance 12 two-hour sessions Apr. 8 - May 21, 2022
Applied Credit Risk Management  6 two-hour sessions Apr. 9 - May 7, 2022
Applied Deep Learning in Finance 6 two-hour sessions Apr. 9 - May 7, 2022
Digital Leadership 12 two-hour sessions Apr. 8 - May 7, 2022
Management Control Systems 6 two-hour sessions May 20 - Jul. 2, 2022
Compliance in Financial Institutions 6 two-hour sessions May 21 - Jul. 2, 2022
Digitalization of Banking & Finance 6 two-hour sessions Jun. 4 - Jul. 2. 2022
Global Economic Environment 6 two-hour sessions Jun. 4 - Jul. 2,  2022
Bank Risk Governance & Regulation 6 two-hour sessions Jun. 17 - Jul. 22, 2022
Digital Process Management 12 two-hour sessions Jun. 17 - Jul. 16, 2022
Bank Management 6 two-hour sessions Jul. 1 - Jul. 15, 2022
Trading & Technology 6 two-hour sessions Jul. 1 - Jul. 15, 2022
Digital Assets, Blockchain Technology & The Future of Finance 6 two-hour sessions Jul. 9 - Jul. 22, 2022


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