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How the MBA program strengthens my digital transformation "mission"

As GBS Thought Leader you demonstrate leadership in initiating innovative projects in your workplace, actively engage in professional associations, or engage yourself in unique ways to promote the advancement of your industry. We found these character traits in GBS student of the Master of Digital Transformation Management (MBA) Aldo Silva who tells us a little about his GBS study experience and how initially the development of his father’s company has shown him that it is a necessity for companies to follow and understand digital transformation and ultimately transform as well. We asked the GBS Thought Leader 2020 about how he wants to make a difference: “I want to help people to understand the impact of digital transformation to their businesses and give them the tools to remain globally competitive for their communities”

Want to read the whole story? Visit Aldo's blog article here.

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Welcome to the GBS Community, #financemasters Class of 2024!

We would like to extend our welcome to our Master in Finance Class of 2024! It is great to see that you have already met on Campus Westend during the preparatory course earlier this month. Here are a few impressions that we were able to capture on that sunny day. We wish you all the best for the next challenging, but definitely also fun two years to come!


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