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A good mix makes the difference

To support all talented, dedicated individuals who are proactive about bettering the position of women+ within their chosen industries, GBS has initiated the GBS Women+ in Business Scholarship.

It was with her application, that we learned more about the very personal mission of #digitalmba student Marija Puetz: "I try to provide tools to female colleagues so that they empower themselves and represent their own interests and opinions with full conviction. In the end, it is worthwhile to stand up for yourself and your personal interests. I am convinced that it is an obligation of the current generation of women, to which I also belong, to enable young women to pursue their path in the business world."
Want to read the whole story? Visit Marija's blog article here.

Authentic Leadership: Leading & Living by Example

Melanie Glickman, a Duke Goethe Executive MBA alumna, collaborates with Leadership Sculptor GmbH and delivers training courses around the world.

In her GBS Blog article, Melanie shares her insights about key leadership qualities and the importance of leading with authenticity. She explains how she would define leadership and introduces the elements that comprise a leadership profile: Job - Team - Organization - Environment – Personality. Read everything to what makes a good leader and how a leader can stay true to their own qualities and still adapt to whatever challenges they may face in Melanie's blog article here.

Congratulations to our Graduates 2021/2022 and welcome to the alumni network!

At our graduation ceremony in 2022, we officially welcomed more than 80 graduates of our part-time master programs to the GBS Alumni Community, 16 of which were nominated for a membership in the International Business Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS). We asked Eva-Christina Mohr, one of this year’s graduates from the Digital Transformation MBA and BGS nominee, about her study experience at GBS.

Eva-Christina, why did you choose the Digital Transformation MBA program and how did you find out about it in the first place?
The Digital Transformation MBA raised my interest long before I started the MBA in October 2019. I think it was in 2017, when digitalization began to get more and more attention and companies started to establish employee development programs. The curriculum and the courses of this MBA sounded very interesting and future-oriented. Above that, the mixture of the different courses and workshops including many personal development and skills workshop were very balanced. In 2018, I started working for the Goethe University and in the beginning of 2019 the presidium offered a scholarship to me – which I was more than happy and thankful to get.

You had a rough start (beginning of pandemic) with the program. Who and what kept you motivated to continue?
Corona and the sudden conversion from face-to-face events to online lectures was truly hard, as I personally prefer to come to campus and enjoy seeing the professors and my fellow students in person. However, the online formats worked very well and everyone tried their best to keep their spirit and motivation high. This was what kept me motivated – the team spirit and the team’s optimism. Despite all the negative sides of the pandemic, it also caused and supported people to be imaginative and to keep up a positive mindset. Moreover, Corona was and still is a driver of digital transformation. That also motivated me to deepen my knowledge in that very relevant prospective field.

What specific course do you still remember well and why?
I remember Prof. Gimpel’s course “Smart Industry & Digital Trends” very well. The course embraces current trends towards Industry 4.0 as new service offerings, innovative business models, smart and connected products, manufacturing automation based on robotics and artificial intelligence. Prof. Gimpel was a great teacher, always motivating students to participate in discussions and giving enough room for teamwork and upcoming questions. Moreover, I gained so much practical insights on how e.g. the car industry integrates current digital trends into their product lifecycles. I would recommend everyone who is interest in Industry 4.0 and novel digital technologies this course. I personally do not have a background in engineering neither do I work for an industrial company, but this lead to so much new insights to me.

What is the most memorable experience you had during your time at GBS?
I have so many! I will give you two of my most memorable experiences, though. First, the workshop “Stage Rules” is unforgettable and was so much fun. Here director, actor and psychologist Severin von Hoensbroech gave us tips and tricks on how to feel safe and enjoy the spotlight on stage. Second, the graduation is one of my personal highlights. Seeing all fellow students together with their families on campus again and celebrating everyone’s success together was very special and unforgettable to me.

Your academic achievements have brought you here: You are an official member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Alumni Network! What made you take the step in actually accepting that nomination? What are your plans regarding BGS now?
For me, it is an honor to join Beta Gamma Sigma. I was overwhelmed when I received the mail from Eric that I was nominated to be a member of this international business honor society. The lifetime membership opens the door to different member-only programs, exclusive benefits and gives me the chance to connect with BGS members from all over the world. I know that the BGS representatives in Germany are currently planning an in-person event in Frankfurt in September. Therefore, I am already looking forward to be part of it!

We are extremely proud of each and every graduate and wish you all the best for your future endeavors! Scroll through our selected pictures of the event and enjoy!

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5 Years Pharma MBA - Where are our Pharma MBA alumni now?

We are celebrating the 5 years of our Pharma MBA and asked Waltraut from our first #pharmamba class of 2018 what her GBS study experience had been like and where she is today. This is what she shared with us.





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