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Die GBS bietet ein umfangreiches Portfolio an offenen Programmen für Einzelpersonen an, die sich im Rahmen von individuell und separat buchbaren Formaten in einzelnen Wissensgebieten weiterbilden bzw. das bereits angeeignete Fachwissen wieder auffrischen möchten.

Offene Programme - Master in Finance
Applied Credit Risk Managementab 24. Mai 2019
Bank Managementab 21. Juni 2019
Bank Risk Governance and Regulationab 27. April 2019
Digital Assets, Blockchain Technology and the Future of Financeab 12. Juli 2019
Ethics in Financeab 29. März 2019
Financial Stability and Regulationab 06. Juli 2019
Global Asset Allocationab 24. Mai 2019
International Financeab 07. Juni 2019
Mergers & Acquisitionsab 16. August 2019
Risk Managementab 29. März 2019
Alternative Investmentsab 29. November 2019
Derivatives and Financial Engineeringab 30. November 2019

I decided to join the Open Program on Alternative Investments as I always had curiosity to learn more about the topic. The experience was extremely positive from all angles: provided me with a great overview on Private Equity, Venture Capital and Hedge Funds through enriching discussions and dynamic lectures including real-case presentations. At the same time, I got to know young professionals from different backgrounds who were willing to share their experiences and connect those with the lectures given. With some of the students I still maintain the contact, improving our network and building possible synergies for the future. I can only recommend, if you see an Open Program which attracts you for whatever reason, go for it! – you will end up satisfied beyond expectations and with an expanded network for your life and work!

Victor Ferreras UbiernaDeutsche Bank
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