Friday Talk with Dr. Bernd Heinrichs (Bosch Global)

There are things a book cannot teach you, especially when it comes to digitalization. Real cases and first hand experiences are what make our Friday Talks so special and valuable.

On Friday, July 19, 2019, Dr. Bernd Heinrichs, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer Smart Mobility Solutions shared his journey at Bosch Global with the interested audience. Many Master of Digital Transformation Management students came to benefit from his thoughts on innovation and digital culture. Under the title “Mobility goes Data” he addressed the challenges of implementing a digital strategy for mobility at a globally operating company.

His work is focused on his credo of shifting from the “Know-How” over to the “Know-Why”, which he found to be essential for the digital transformation within the transportation industry.

After a lively Q&A Session, everyone was invited to join a reception at the House of Finance. Many students made use of the networking opportunity and continued the conversation they started with Dr. Heinrichs earlier.

GBS would like to thank Dr. Bernd Heinrichs for taking the time and bringing business to the classroom.