GBS Admissions Workshop - Master in Finance

Are you planning to apply for the next cohort of our part-time Master in Finance program starting in April 2022? Then make sure not to miss the upcoming workshop on 'Submitting a successful application for GBS part-time Master in Finance'! 

The next online event is scheduled for Thursday, September 16th 19:00 – 20:00. Register today by completing and submitting the form below!

The aim of this workshop is to walk you through the different steps of the admissions process at our business school in an informal setting. The GBS Admissions team will give you practical tips around the following topics:

  • Work experience – What is qualified post-graduate work experience and how do I prove it?
  • Recommendation – How do I choose my recommendation provider and what should be the content of the recommendation?
  • Essay – How do I write an essay, which makes me ‘stand out from the crowd’?
  • English language proficiency – How can I organize to prove my language level?
  • University transcripts and diploma – What kind of information do I need to send to GBS and how should I organize this?
  • Financing of studies / Scholarships
  • Admissions process – What are the next steps after having submitted my application?