Pitch for the Goethe InsurTech Award

Global InsurTech Roadshow 2018 offers international early stage startups the opportunity to pitch for the Goethe InsurTech Award. The pitch-sessions will be presented by our experienced moderators - highly prestigious startup experts such as Robin Kiera, Julian Teicke (Wefox) and Christopher Oster (Clark).

Innovative startups from all over the world (Germany, UK, USA, Russia, New Zealand etc.) will face the challenge of introducing their company and business model to our experts.

Network without limits and discuss latest start-up trends & news - meet insurers, consultants, digital service providers, enablers, investors, brokers, influencers & media, and many more.

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The Munich-based startup has set up a platform to measure your stress level, giving you an advice via an app and to connect you with a helpful network and community. They will be presented by Julia Behnke and Samer Simreen.

The Berlin-based InsurTech around Hanno Pingsman was founded in 2017. They offer special online cyber-protection for SMEs including cyber-awarness-trainings and are one of the very few InsurTechs specialised on this growing and important field.

The London-based InsurTech is specialised in linking a social-media-identity to an insurance-identity, using data analytics and offering end-to-end-solutions. The team will be represented in Frankfurt by Erik Abrahamson and Alex Hammick.

The Los-Angeles-based InsurTech Dropin was founded by Louis Ziskin in 2016 after a long and impressive track record in the insurance industry. The business approach with Dropin is amazing: offering live-streaming of claims using smartphones or over 4.000 drones in the US. The startup is expanding to Europe and we’re happy to welcome the CEO Emilio in Frankfurt.

Supply-chain-tracking to prevent losses and business-interruption: The Berlin-based company-builder NBT surprises with an IoT / Blockchain / AI-related approach for the logistic value chain. They will be represented by Darina Onoprienko.

FINLEX ("Financial Lines Experts") is an extremely specialised digital insurance-platform offering  financial lines products and services. They supply conventional brokers as well as insurance companies with their knowhow and service and guarantee a completely digital process. The Frankfurt-based startup will be represented by the co-founder & managing director Sebastian Klapper.


This danish InsurTech has been acquired by TIA Technologies and uses the TIA core platform to offer insurance solutions to insurers and brokers. They configure insurance products and sales support services in a minimum time and without changing their customer’s backend-products. Additionally GoBundle-CEO Jakob is a great fan of a clear P2P-focus.

Luca Schnettler is CEO of this London-based InsurTech founded in 2017. HealtyHealth encourages healthy behaviour by offering health-risk-profiling through  algorithm & research data analysis.

The swiss-based InsurTech is fired by Oliver Werneyer and his crew. They specialised in offering a B2B-corporate e-wallet-solution.

Auckland-basesd InsuredHQ is a software company offering  insurance cloud software solutions for insurers, brokers and agents. Pauline Davies and her team are specialized in low implementation costs and a multifunctional approach.

The Estonian-based insurTech is the newest acquisition of Helvetia-fund. Driven by Meeri Rabane, they are offering end-to-end insurance-solutions for small items. INZMO has been awarded by the European Commission as best European Fintech in 2017.

The team around Tilo Walter and Eckart Gaertner has mostly a credit information and research background. They are offering a relationship-network based on public accessible data of managers and company owners. The insurance industry uses their system for claim&fraud-management as well as for sales purposes.

Laka (former Insure-a-thing) is a London-based InsurTech possessing a FCA-Sandbox license. They are offering online bycicle-insurance with a community-approach. They will be represented by Jens Hartwig.

Baher, CEO at Medicus, is a studied dentist and serial entrepreneur. With his team he converts health data (vitals, blood reports, device readings etc.) with their cryptic numbers and medical language into a visual experience with easy-to-understand health insights and actionable recommendations.

The Hamburg-based InsurTech NECT is driven by Benny Bennet & Carlo Ulbrich. They offer a central data portal for customers giving them the chance to manage all their data on one single point of access. Only one password and ID for all transactions.

The digital insurer is a new entry on the insurance market. Being the digital arm of Schneider-Golling-Brokerhouse they are strongly supported by the experienced vc Comparion and driven by Stephen Voss.

Optisure is a Karlsruhe-based young InsurTech-broker with a very experienced team. They are offering digital insurance products for small and medium commercial clients  and freelancers and one of the few startups entering this complex market.

OwnCloud offers a safe internal data transfer system. No more external clouds to send large files, calenders or contacts. The Nurnberg-based company is driven by Tobi Gerlinger and is just conquering the insurance world.

Personal Business Machine is a unique platform for one-to-one customer dialogue and digital processes at every stage of the customer journey. The APIs allow the connection of all relevant insurance systems and touchpoints - from letter to Amazon alexa skill. The customer experience is generalized via the business engine and optimized by machine learning. They will be represented by CTO Stefan Riehl.

Avi Lazarow is the man behind this Hong Kong & London-based InsurTech, focussing on DNA-testing methods and their usability for the insurance industry. Even if Series C is not in the main focus of our roadshow, Avi is touching a very sensitive area with his business model and it seemed us worth a closer view.

This Moscow-based InsurTech has just changed it's name from Belay to Socratus. They are powered by an experienced team around it's founder Ilya Kosolapov and are focussing on instant claims payments for private insurance products. Interesting that they are using blockchain technology for their platform.

Trumyle is offering telematics-solutions for commercial fleets. The London-based InsurTechs is driven by the experienced Nathanial Bubu and has developed interesting solutions for this complex field of business.

Wellington / New Zealand is the home of Vallum. This fascinating startup is offering digital distribution solutions for business insurance. Kai Dwyer has put together an experienced team to offer innovative sales & service solutiions in this area.

Arvid has developed a well elaborated peer-to-peer-aproach offering insurance-solutions for the "things you love". He is using blockchain-technology which makes it more than interesting to take a closer look.

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