Faculty and Staff of GBS

The success of GBS is the result of joint commitment

The success of Goethe Business School’s programs strongly benefits from the commitment of different groups of people. The inclusion of a variety of interdisciplinary topics throughout our programs is covered by a continuously growing partner network of practice-oriented experts and faculty from leading academia. The quality and content coordination of our programs is ensured by Academic Directors in the various competence clusters.

The Board of Trustees counsels Goethe Business School on program development, fundraising and allocation of funds.

Goethe Business School’s international team advises customers in co-creating meaningful training programs and supports program participants during program delivery.

Goethe Business School’s alumni work in executive positions in diverse industry sectors. They are involved in the alumni network and bring in expertise in the development and teaching of our educational portfolio. 

Academic Directors


Faculty of Economics and Business Adminisration