Networking Opportunities for GBS Master Programs Graduates

Graduates of GBS master programs not only have the opportunity to stay connected within the GBS network.

They can also remain part of the greater alumni networking community, e.g. by joining the Frankfurter Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (fwwg) at Goethe University.

The fwwg benefits from its central location in Frankfurt Main. The majority of members stay in this area after graduation and are therefore able to attend a series of big as well as small events. With its broad spectrum of activities, fwwg successfully manages the diversity of interests of its members, resulting not only from their wide age range. Due to the size of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and its many different concentrations, fwwg members are professionals in a multitude of industries and functions.

Variety and partnership

The fwwg provides a wide range of various events and formats that supply members with suitable offers. Therefore it is important to present a mixture of big and small events that thematise different academic subjects, as well as free time activities.

A key-success-factor is without any doubt the cooperation with our various partners. Several events are too elaborate to realise them alone or typically, the result is simply better with the support of our partners. For the fwwg, it is of great importance to cooperate with a partner compatible to the concept of the event. In the past academic chairs, student initiatives, as well as local companies had been our partners.

Of academic nature are the panel discussions that take place on special occasions or events such as the series “Made in Frankfurt”. This event series presents notable personalities from economics, whose career started in Frankfurt. The series started brilliantly with an event that introduced the researcher and founder Heinrich Nestle.

Leisure time activities are the summer party, the annual visit to the Oktoberfest and the series “Filme der Wirtschaft”. In cooperation with the chair of business ethics, the fwwg shows a relevant movie that is purposely controversial and critical. Afterwards the film is discussed on stage by representatives of two contrary sides.

The latest series is “AlumnInsights” where the fwwg visits institutions of the economics and media industry within the Rhein-Main area. Another highlight is the academic celebration where the Förderpreis is awarded and the fwwg-honorary-membership is allocated, as well as the annual general meeting which takes place in the headquarter of one of our corporate partners. In 2018 the fwwg celebrates 30 years of existence with several anniversary celebrations.


One part of interaction is the proactive incorporation of the alumni: alumni are committed as speaker, mentors, experts, or they are donating for specific occasions. Additional they indicate internships and help to mediate contacts to the business world. They also account their professional background after leaving university and how they profited from their studies.

The alumni are staying connected to the faculty not only because of the numerous events, but also thanks to publications such as the fwwg book and rer.pol., which is published twice a year since 1989. To the objective of specific and direct communication, a register of members is available and contains contact information and professional position of our members. Student members and alumni can communicate with each other and are informed about the latest news via Newsletter, Xing and Facebook.

On the focus of the future development is the advancement of events and consistent continuation of our formats, where the cost-benefit ratio of single arrangements must be considered carefully. However, the capacities for events are largely exhausted. To give a prospect into the future, there is room for improvement within online networking and the development of events attracting alumni and students from other departments. Developing new partnerships is very relevant for the future too.

This article is an excerpt from the anniversary book “Goethe war gut” which is about the history of the faculty and the fwwg. You have free access to the online version of the complete book at If you prefer a paper based version of the book please contact fwwg office.