The part-time Master of Pharma Business Administration (MBA) program is designed for professionals who wish to continue with their careers while pursuing a master's degree.

The program has been developed in such a way that it minimizes the time away from work and can be completed in four semesters only, i.e. three semesters of bi-weekly classes plus a subsequent master thesis (20 weeks) in semester four.


Graduates earn a (90 ECTS CP) Master of Business Administration (MBA) from both the AACSB-accredited Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Faculty of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy at Goethe University.


Whilst designing the program, we have placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that the academic foundation and the practical relevance of the content are perfectly matched. Based on a solid academic foundation, all modules draw on numerous practical examples and case studies or include impulse presentations of experienced practitioners of the pharma industry.

1:/user_upload/Images/Personen/Schweizer_neu.jpg Prof. Dr. Lars SchweizerUBS-Endowed Professor for Strategic Management, Goethe University and Academic Director, Master of Pharma Business Administration

Learning Goals

Learning Goal 1: Strategic Decision-Making

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of organizations in the pharmaceutical sector. They will be able to make strategic management decisions reflecting pharmaceutical aspects in a global perspective.

Learning Goal 2: Ethical Awareness

Students are familiarized with ethical issues and learn to understand relevant ethical dilemmas. They will be able to make decisions that reflect an understanding of the ethical implications on society and the environment.

Learning Goal 3: Communications Skills

Students learn to effectively communicate with different partners on different levels and negotiate in a professional environment. They will know how to prepare and present complex business solutions.

Learning Goal 4: Leadership skills

Students learn to apply a wide range of leadership skills and act as collaborative team leaders. They will be able to lead teams effectively and form sustainable organizational structures.

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