Tuition & Deadlines

Application Deadlines | Program start in October 2021

March 1, 2021EUR 5.250EUR 29.750
May 3, 2021EUR 3.500EUR 31.500
June 14, 2021EUR 35.000

Upon accepting an offer of admission, a deposit of EUR 1,000 is payable, which is deducted from the overall tuition fee indicated above. This deposit is non-refundable.

Tuition fees cover the standard program duration of 4 semesters. Tuition includes semester fees for enrollment at Goethe University as well as the RMV semester ticket - costs for course materials or textbooks are not included.


Tuition is payable in the following installments. Discounts are deducted from the last installment.

Installment AmountDate
EUR 14.000October 1, 2021
EUR 10.000April 1, 2022
EUR 10.000October 1, 2022

Financing your studies

If a part-time study program is preceded by a completed first degree course, the costs of this can be deducted in full from the tax as income-related expenses.

For those privately financing their studies, a student loan may be of interest. Information regarding loans for working professionals or other state funding options can be found here.


Digitization isn’t just an IT matter. It will hugely affect all processes, all industries, all companies, and all levels of public administration. Knowledge of new digital technologies, evaluation of their strategic importance and the practical possibility of implementing them are the key to success — and talent management, corporate training and continuing education are taking on an ever greater importance. The extra-occupational MBA program “Master of Digital Transformation Management” crucially contributes to this.

Karl RathgebMember of the Executive Board Germany, Accenture Holding GmbH & Co. KG and Member of the Executive Board, House of IT

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