Our Faculty

The program is taught by outstanding faculty selected from the pool of cooperating universities with a prestigious international reputation for their thought-leading teaching and research. The faculty is complemented with prominent innovation-oriented practitioners from other leading institutions.

Lecturers with the best-suited competency area for each module are selected from a large pool of faculty of Goethe University FrankfurtTechnische Universität Darmstadt and the University of Kassel, Frankfurt’s innovation hub institutions (e.g., TechQuartier), as well as our network of practitioners.


We have done more than just develop a career-compatible format that combines challenging professional work with successful study. Parallel study and work also allow students to participate in shaping the ongoing digitization from the very first semester. Course content can be directly implemented into professional practice, and study projects, such as the master thesis, are designed for direct practical relevance.

Prof. Dr. Lars SchweizerProfessor for Strategic Management Goethe University and Academic Director Goethe Business School


Prof. Dr. Alexander Benlian
Chair of Information Systems and Electronic Services
TU Darmstadt
Dr. Moritz Finkelnburg
InsurTech Advisor
Dr. Thomas Funke
Prof. Dr. Henner Gimpel
Professor for Business and Information Systems Engineering
University of Augsburg
Dr. Thilo Goeble
Institute for Commercial Law
University Kassel
Prof. Martin Götz, Ph.D.
SAFE Chair of Regulation and Stability of Financial Institutions
Goethe University
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hackethal
House of Finance Chair for Personal Finance – sponsored by DZ BANK foundation
Goethe University
Dr. Carsten Hentrich
Director Digital Transformation, Middle Market Europe
Dr. Alina Hernandez Bark
Assistant Professor, Deputy Head of Department, Institute for Psychology, Deptartment Social Psychology
Goethe University
Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz
Chair of Information Systems and Information Management
Goethe University
Prof. Dr. Roland Holten
Chair of Information Systems Engineering
Goethe University
Dr. Nina M. Junker
Scientific Assistant & Deputy Head of Department, Abt. Sozialpsychologie
Goethe University
Prof. Dr. Klaus Miller

Assistant Professor of Quantitative Marketing
Goethe University

Michael Pachmajer
Director Digital Transformation, Middle Market Europe
Prof. Dr. Anna Rohlfing-Bastian
Chair for Accounting, esp. Management Accounting
Goethe University
Dr. Sebastian Schäfer
Managing Director 
Stephan Schindler
Institute for Commercial Law
University Kassel
Prof. Dr. Eric Schott
Managing Director/Owner 
Campana & Schott
Prof. Dr. Lars Schweizer
Chair of Strategic Management
Goethe University
Prof. Dr. Rolf van Dick
Chair of Social Psychology and Head of Social Psychology Department
Goethe University

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