Jam Session

A jam session is a very short moderated workshop format for small groups that aims at working out a common understanding of your organization's initial situation, at the same time it strives to elucidate the current challenges and questions the status quo. The jam session combines methods from design thinking and systemic coaching. This approach allows open-mindedness and result orientation at the same time. Specific results regarding the description of initial challenges as well as the next steps and the possible structure of a leadership development program are generated co-creatively.

  • We quickly dive deep and get to the bottom of your current situation.
  • We develop new key questions and at the same time outline possible solutions.
  • With our team of outstanding experts, we will give you impulses and the right framework for a productive session.
  • We create approaches for a customized development program that meets the individual needs and potentials of your company.

Lena Schiller

Head of Digital Transformation

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