Goethe Business School takes a completely new approach to leadership development with the Goethe Leadership Lab by focusing on a substantive improvement in the ability to act and behavioral variability of executives. The learning concept goes far beyond the mere teaching of knowledge and methods and gives executives in different formats the opportunity to deal intensively with their own personality, their self-image and their self-efficacy in various leadership contexts.
If a manager understands himself, its function and effect in the social context as well as its environment comprehensively, it does not need any prefabricated solution templates in its leadership activity. Rather, she is then able to develop action and decision patterns herself and to use leadership tools that not only exactly fit her as a person, but also take into account the situational requirements. In this way, a leader increases their own behavioral variability and can use it permanently in constantly changing contexts.

It is important to empower the executives to activate their competencies and make better use of their resources and potential so that they can focus their attention and use their knowledge and experience efficiently and goal-oriented. With these capabilities, a leader can not only leverage their full capabilities, but also shape relationships to create robust and adaptable teams, as well as expressive organizations.

In order to develop the full effectiveness of the objective described, the overall construct of executive development must be reassessed and a variety of factors must be adapted. For managers to individually, socially and organisationally transform knowledge into action and permanently anchor it, cognitively based concepts are to be extended, for example, by insights from brain research and personality development and to replace the idea of ​​development as a point intervention with the idea of ​​continuity. In addition, leadership development in the organizational context is not detached, but rather to be seen as a suitable investment in company growth.