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GBS is breaking new ground with the Goethe Leadership Lab. Far from ready-made behavioral patterns and action templates, executives initiate a profound process of reflection that helps them to better understand their own mechanisms of action. Building on this, they make target-oriented use of their resources and, at the same time, exploit their potential more extensively. Finding their inner balance, they are able to effectively open up new spaces of opportunities - for themselves as well as for the development of their teams and the entire organization.

With a diverse portfolio of complementary intensive, transfer and fundamental trainings, the designed curriculum combines a variety of insights from the fields of neuroscientific research, personality development and behavioral sciences into a unique and holistic concept. The target group are not only executives themselves, but also central functionaries and multipliers in organizations.


Dr. Fabian Urban
Director Executive Education

  +49 69 798 33505



Enable, Perpetuate, Connect - the three guiding principles of the Goethe Leadership Lab, which set a new benchmark in leadership development in Germany.
Our innovative training concepts not only initiate a profound change process for executives themselves, but also give organizations the opportunity to realign their development projects.

Dr. Fabian UrbanAcademic Director, Managing Director Executive Education, Goethe Business School

The design of training offers and formats of Goethe Leadership Lab is based on three main guiding principles.

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