Goethe Insurance Program

The Goethe Insurance Program is based on three major fields of expertise:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Portfolio Management & Underwriting
  • Consulting & Coaching

How can relevant information be condensed and provided in a highly focused format?

Our Insurance Programs

Our programs consistently reflect this situation. From our concentrated 1-day Digital Executive Boost - specifically designed for board members to provide them with the most relevant digital insurance know-how - to our 6-day digital deep-dive program or our underwriter-conferences, we offer tailor-made and intensive insurance knowledge transfer.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the most practical knowledge possible. Therefore, our faculty mainly consists of lecturers who are professionals in their respective fields of business. Their operational experience guarantees an extremely high level of direct knowledge transfer and ready-to-be-implemented information.

Experience shows, that our clients also require implementation support after having completed our programs. In order to meet this need, we have built up a consulting unit with experts from our professional network ensuring our clients a maximum benefit from our broad expertise portfolio.

The implementation of a digital strategy, the decision if and when to invest in an InsurTech startup, and how to manage the human change are only some of our consulting topics. In the underwriting area, our main consulting focus is directed to the profitability of non-life-portfolios. We have developed a specific analysis system to re-establish a sustainably profitable portfolio.

When offering our programs and consulting services, we strongly benefit from the expertise and unique training and research infrastructure at Goethe University's Campus Westend. With more than 70.000 students and numerous competence centers and research facilities, Goethe University Frankfurt is one of the largest and renowned universities in Germany.


The practice-oriented knowledge transfer and consulting in profit- and cost-relevant areas is a competitive key-question today. Companies who achieve to systematically and permanently provide their management with the most relevant information will have a clear and sustainable competitive advantage.

1:/user_upload/Images/Personen/Dozenten/Finkelnburg_l.jpg Dr. Moritz Finkelnburg, LL.M.Academic Director Insurance, Goethe Business School