Finance & Risk Management Lab

In the wake of the globalization of financial markets, finance has become a hugely dynamic and fascinating field, which is not only a key driver of organizations but also of industries and markets. At the same time, finance is undergoing enormous changes, stemming mainly from disruptive technologies in the financial sector as well as from a regulatory wave in the aftermath of the financial crisis and the ever-increasing need for state-of-the-art risk management.

Alongside the two main drivers technology and regulation, Goethe Business School offers a comprehensive portfolio of open and tailor-made programs. Due to the close cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Goethe University, the House of Finance, the Center of Excellence SAFE, we can draw on a large network of highly qualified lecturers.


Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz

Academic Director

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Regulatory pressures, technology as well as monetary policies are the key drivers of the changing financial industry. Decision makers can only stay abreast when they strive for continuous learning and inspiration.

Prof. Dr. Uwe WalzAcademic Director Goethe Business School, Chair of Industrial Organization Goethe University, Director Research Center SAFE

Our Program Formats

Open Programs as Part of the Master in Finance

The part-time Master in Finance is a degree for professionals who want to explore in depth the fascinating world of state-of-the art finance. The program builds on our vast resources of the House of Finance at Goethe University and its international faculty. The program while building on the sound cornerstone of modern finance is unique and innovative. The specializations of the program allow students to focus on the two main challenges and developments in today’s world of finance: the role of disruptive technologies in finance and the impact of regulation and risk management on the financial industry.

Open and Customized Programs in Risk Management & Regulation

The prevailing shortage of skilled specialists in the financial sector is noticeable not only since the Brexit decision affected the institutional landscape in Germany’s financial center. Job vacancies are difficult or impossible to fill – especially in the field of risk management. For employers in the financial sector, it is important to master the challenge of better qualifying senior employees in the area of risk management and to prepare them to take over management positions in the short term. With a series of Open and Customized Programs, Goethe Business School offers individuals the opportunity to acquire, refresh or deepen their knowledge in a wide range of risk management and regulation topics.