Digital Transformation Lab

The process of digital transformation no longer entails the mere implementation of new technologies, but requires the establishment of a new understanding of collaboration and leadership. Not least because of increased organizational complexity and augmented uncertainty due to rapidly changing markets, the requirements, that executive have to meet these days, have changed fundamentally in the course of the digital transformation.

With the Digital Transformation Lab, Goethe Business School pursues an approach of substantially improving the decision-making ability and behavioral variability of managers in the digital transformation. The program gives executives new opportunities to act based on relevant dimensions of change, their own personality and the self-efficacy of their teams.


Lena Schiller

Head of Digital Transformation

  +49 69 798 33507



In the course of the digital transformation, it will be less and less the implementation of new technologies, that demands our attention in the future. Rather will we be concerned with the fundamental question of how we deal with it: how do we want to live, learn, work and create value? Which key qualifications do companies need to prepare for a humanly and economically smart approach concerning the digital transformation?

Lena SchillerHead of Digital Transformation Goethe Business School

The Digital Transformation Lab closely links digital key competences with adjusted leadership tools, "Digital Leadership Capabilities":

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