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Everybody can negotiate. But what is the best way to proceed? In our interactive workshop, you will learn approaches, techniques and methods for successful negotiations and you will get answers to these questions:

  • What is the best strategy to prepare for a successful negotiation?
  • How can I analyze my counterpart, his or hers positions and interests and anticipate negotiation moves?
  • How can I become a more reflective, analytic and effective negotiator?
  • What values does my counterpart have and how do I formulate arguments tailored to them?
  • What challenges can arise before and during intercultural negotiations?
  • What can I take advantage of in digital negotiations? What communication techniques do I need for the digital negotiations?

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Program Overview

On day 1, we will align all participants and provide a common vocabulary and understanding of basics, refreshing common negotiation theory. Participants will evaluate their own negotiation profile in advance, and we will discuss implications and meaning of the profiles for the dynamics of negotiation and the likely impacts on the results. In a practical negotiation case, participants will apply their preparation and execution and discover how their profiles shape the negotiation outcomes.

Day 2 will answer the question if a win-win is possible and how to best negotiate for maximum results. Status, Power and Psychology are amongst the most influential parameters in any negotiation. Participants will learn to become aware of social cues and use them to get what they want. Role-plays during day 2 will focus on difficult scenarios and the usage of status and power.

During Day 3, we will focus on group dynamics in negotiation preparation and analysis, as well as on dirty tricks and counters. A role play case will give participants the opportunity to experience complex negotiations with multi-party agendas.

Target Group

The seminar is designed for professionals and managers in all industries who want to learn effective negotiation techniques, develop their negotiation skills and strategically prepare their negotiations.

Learning Objectives

This seminar will give you both a solid base in negotiation theory and sufficient practical exercise to take your negotiation skills to the next level. You will practice power, status, persuasion and negotiation tactics and strategies with exercises, discussion, and live negotiation use cases. This provides you with the opportunity to apply your new skills, and get expert advice directly related to your negotiation approaches. This program will enable you to become a more effective and reflective negotiator, both online and in person.

  • 3-day interactive online workshop
  • 2-hour individual coaching session (optional)
  • 0.5-day online refresher session 6 months after the seminar (optional).

Participants receive a certificate from Goethe Business School upon successful completion of the program.

DATES 2023
Dates Sessions
Friday, 17. March 2023 Day 1 - Basics, Online Training
Friday, 24. March 2023 Day 2 - Role-Play, Online Training
Friday, 31. March 2023 Day 3 - Analysis, Online Training

Our 3-day certification program will not only give you the background to the latest negotiation theory. In this hands-on course, you will put learnings right into practice and negotiate to get what you want. Unique to GBS, a post-program one-on-one negotiation coaching and the ½ -day online refresher will support your behavioral changes and provide value beyond the classroom, addressing your actual business challenges.

Stephan JansenFounder & Managing Director of Beyond the Deal GmbH
  Deadlines Program Fees
Early-Bird January 31, 2023 EUR 1.900
GBS/GU Alumni March 16, 2023 EUR 1.700
Regular March 16, 2023 EUR 2.100

Fees are exempt from VAT.

Key Facts

Course Dates

Day 1 - 17.03.2023
Day 2 - 24.03.2023
Day 3 - 31.03.2023

Coaching sessions booked individually

Certificate of participation

Participants receive a certificate from Goethe Business School upon successful completion of the program.





Course materials

Course materials including case studies, lecture slides, etc. will be made available in electronic form.

Course Fee*

  • Regular: 2.100€
  • Early Bird: 1.900€ (Deadline 31.01.2023)
  • GBS + GU Alumni: 1.700€

Fees are exempt from VAT


Stephan Jansen

Stephan Jansen is the founder and managing director of Beyond the Deal GmbH, an internationally active M&A boutique based in Germany with offices in Frankfurt am Main, Paris and Sao Paulo. Before Stephan became a consultant in 2014, he worked with large listed companies (SAP, F.Hoffmann-La Roche and Fresenius) in the IT, healthcare and life sciences sector. Stephan has applied his negotiation expertise in numerous M&A transactions worldwide - some as small as 5 Million EUR, others exceeding billion-dollar amounts. He teaches negotiation at Goethe University and supports corporations and business executives with negotiation trainings and negotiation execution in critical projects.