Risk Management & Regulation

To act in an ever-changing regulatory environment and to understand the resulting altered incentives and the behavior of financial institutions and markets provides market participants - not only since the recent financial and debt crises - with ever new challenges. The risk awareness among market players has increased in recent years. It emphasizes the need to identify, understand and manage risks, in order to ensure the stability of institutions as well as the financial system. In addition, regulators tighten more and more the qualification requirements for the top executives of financial institutions (“fit and proper"). For this reason, it is both for specialists and for executives of the utmost importance, not only to know the basics of risk management and relevant regulation, but also to master the usage of efficient tools and understand their legal and economic implications in a changing environment.

Our Portfolio in the Field of Risk Management & Regulation

Since many years GBS offers extensive possibilities for further development in the areas of risk management and regulation to different target groups.

Young professionals have the opportunity to specialize on risk management in our Master in Finance program.

Open Programs offer participants the option to refresh or to expand knowledge on selected topics.

In Customized Programs Executives can deepen their knowledge about the basics and latest developments on regulation and risk management. As part of GBS programs, current regulatory changes are discussed and the influence of these changes on financial institutions and their strategies and business models is examined.

In various exclusive Cooperation Programs together with industry partners the topics supervision and insurance regulation are in the focus: Karels Club, European Supervisor Education Initiative (ESE) and Frankfurt Insurance Executive Education (FIEE).

Faculty for the competence cluster Risk Management & Regulation are accurately recruited - both from the Department of Economics and Business Administration at the Goethe University and from the House of Finance , as well as from the corporate practice, e.g. from risk management departments in the finance industry.