Financial Management

A solid financial management is essential for the overall success of a company and a fundamental building block of a successful corporate strategy. This applies not only for international but also for national or regional companies and institutions of all industry sectors, both for medium-sized as well as large companies. In order to operate successfully on financial markets and understand their developments, professionals are not only required to bring along the necessary expertise but also to develop an understanding of the incentives and behavior of market participants.

To assess the performance of financial management, both market-based and accounting-related controlling instruments can be used and linked to the desired strategic approach by using financial analysis ratios. For the assessment of performance results, further challenges such as uncontrollable factors, ethical issues or leadership issues also need to be considered.

Our Portfolio in the Field of Financial Management

The GBS Master in Finance, GBS Open Programs as well as specific GBS Customized Programs meeting company-specific needs offer participants comprehensive knowledge in the area of financial management.

Faculty in the competence cluster financial management are either professors of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Goethe University Frankfurt and partner institutions, teach and research in the House of Finance or experts from the financial industry.