CSR Focus Topics

Environmental & Social Risks

Some activities run by companies, especially by industrial enterprises, can cause negative effects to human health or lead to environmental damage. In financing such companies, banks and other financial institutions face a variety of risks, both from an environmental and from a social standpoint.

  • Managing Environmental and Social Risk in Practice
  • Civil Societies and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence of Infrastructure Projects

Green Finance & Economy

Economic development models that are based on sustainable development and the knowledge of ecological economics can result in improved human well-being and social equality while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. The trainings in this topic intend to create a more ecological and holistic perspective of business.

  • Green Investment Cooperation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Land, Water, Waste Management

CSR & Corporate Governance in Implementation

How can a company successfully incorporate CSR into its strategy? This section deals with concrete tools that companies can use in order to measure and manage their most important CSR factors. By implementing them, they can become more aware of environmental and social risks and improve their reputation, which will have an impact to their long-term success.

  • CSR and Corporate Governance
  • Sustainability in Implementation – Corporation and in Financial Institution
  • Global Partnerships and other Initiatives

Major Trends in CSR

This cluster deals with CSR from a dynamic perspective. By analyzing the demographic, economic and social development, it creates a platform to discuss what the future CSR strategy will need to take into account.

  • Major Trends in Social and Economic Developments
  • European Renewable Energy Policy and Investment Opportunities
  • Long-run Problem of Nuclear Industry - Cost & Benefits

CSR in Multinational Institutions

While some multinational companies have implemented very advanced CSR tools and policies, some others are still at the beginning of their journey. Banks play a pivotal role in changing both internal and external behaviours of enterprises. In discussions and reflections, participants will find out how especially banks can support the development of CSR topics.

  • How to incorporate CSR into companies’ strategies
  • Opportunities for Financial Institutions
  • CSR and Sustainability in Chemical and Pharmacy Industry

Financing Sustainability Related Projects

A whole industry of financing CSR projects has evolved. But which are the right funds and projects to elect? This section provides insights into the finance and tax structure of projects, the development of the ecological fund industry and into innovative financing approaches.

  • Indirect Financing and CSR - the Development of Ecological Fund Industry
  • Project Finance & Tax Structures, Case studies
  • Innovative Energy Financing Approaches 
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