CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in business is not only important from the ethical perspective. As an integral part of the stakeholder approach CSR also provides an essential added value for a company’s sustainable development resulting in higher cost efficiency, better risk management and retention of employees, customers and investors. Applied to the financial sector CSR is relevant for topics such as the analysis of environmental and social risks, green finance or financing sustainability-related projects.

Our Portfolio in the Field of CSR

Since many years, GBS provides a broad portfolio of Customized Programs in the field of CSR. Based on a holistic approach, programs involve international Faculty and speakers from the financial and industrial sector, politics and academia, explaining and discussing various CSR aspects such as social megatrends, technological development and the implementation in business strategy as well as selected focus topics. The variety of perspectives, combined with interactive teaching methods such as simulations or round table discussions, motivate participants to systematically implement CSR in their place of work.